Most Common Audit Questions You Must be Prepared For

Audits can be extremely stressful for most people because even if you prepare all you can, there is still uncertainty and stress about the type of questions the auditors might ask. You can never be …

Audits can be extremely stressful for most people because even if you prepare all you can, there is still uncertainty and stress about the type of questions the auditors might ask. You can never be over-prepared for an audit; the more you do, the better chances you will have to pass your audit with flying colours.


It is essential to understand that an audit is not only about the question and answer setup, and the auditor will look at many different things before making an assessment of your organisation. You need to make sure that all the items are put in place and then prepare for the questions you might have to answer.


Fronto Advisory provides guidance for the preparation of the aged care audit. They have professional advisors who are well-versed with the program and are able to provide you with great advice that will help you pass your audit.


Before preparing questions for the audit, you first need to ensure the following things.

1. Understand The Policies

You cannot comply with the regulations of an organisation unless you know about the policies. If you don’t get yourself familiarised with the procedures of the program, it will show in your organisation, and it will be highly harmful to the audit of your business. Make sure that you understand the policies and comply with them.

2. Prepare Documents

Audits are all about documents and evidence. You need to ensure that you have all the data with you when the auditors are performing an audit of your firm. In order to be thorough with it, you will need to start preparing as early as possible. Keep evidence of every little thing because you don’t know what the auditor might ask for.

3. Prepare The Staff For Interviews

Your auditor might need to take interviews for your business, and for that, they will have to talk to your staff. If you don’t give a heads-up to your workers, they might be bewildered and make mistakes that can ruin your audit. Prepare them to answer some questions so they can pass their interviews without any problem.

Questions Asked For Audit

As we said, there is no certainty about what the auditor might ask, but there are some questions that are most likely to be asked, and if you know the answer to them beforehand, it might increase your chances of passing your audit.

Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

If you are a new provider who is applying for the registration, you might have to pass an initial audit. In this case, the auditor might ask you why you want to become a service provider and why they should hire you. Make sure you have an answer to this question and think about your goal and reason for applying for the registration for this program.

Can You Provide Examples Of Managing Conflicts?

Your auditor’s job is to assess whether your organisation is working well within the Standards or not, and by this question, the auditor aims to know how you manage your employees since conflicts are bound to happen as everyone has different opinions and ideas, but you should always have a set plan on how you handle disputes between employees and management.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

You can only make your organisation better if you know your weaknesses, and the auditor wants to know whether you are capable of seeing yourself with a neutral view or not. There are many organisations that don’t identify their weaknesses soon enough, and if you fail to do that, you cannot become better.

Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Auditors always ask you if you have any questions for them regarding the program, and it is your time to ask all that you want. Think about the questions you might have had; it is better to write them somewhere accessible so you can remember all the questions you wanted to ask. 


If you are concerned about your aged care audit, feel free to reach out to Fronto Advisory. Their professional advisors will help you pass your audit without having to worry about it too much.

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