A Guide About iPhone Battery Replacement From iPhone Repair

iPhone can be kept for years if treated and maintained, but it is a well-known fact that it is an electronic device and can be damaged and degraded anytime. The same is the case with …

iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone can be kept for years if treated and maintained, but it is a well-known fact that it is an electronic device and can be damaged and degraded anytime. The same is the case with the batteries of iPhones; they are no exception. There will come a time when you will need to change your battery because you can’t live with a ruined one. Although many people believe that if the battery is damaged, they must replace their entire phone. This is a myth. You don’t need to change your phone if facing issues with your battery. A battery replacement will do the deed. As an Apple user, if you are worried about the cost of battery replacement, you shouldn’t worry because there are many benefits of replacing a battery that will outweigh the expense. If you want to replace your battery, ensure your phone is under Apple’s warranty so that you won’t have to pay additional charges; otherwise, you will have to pay a lot of money to replace it. Icelltech, an iPhone repair shop, helps you to explore various conditions and options needed for a battery replacement. Let’s see what must be done and why you should replace your battery. 

Is It Worth Replacing The Battery?

You may not believe but replacing the battery is worth it because it gives a new life to your phone and improves its functionality and performance. The replacement of a battery depends on the age of your cell phone. If you find it difficult to download any document, send a text, or call, there might be a problem with your battery that needs to be changed. Similarly, if you find it difficult to watch any video, scroll your gallery, or attend a call by plugging it into a charger, it is a visible sign that your battery is finished. 

Signs To Know A Battery Replacement Is Needed

Slow Performing iPhone

Who likes a slow-performing iPhone? Individuals buy Apple products because of their unique and innovative features, and it becomes frustrating when a smartphone doesn’t work the way they want. At least a top-notch and expensive phone must work as desired. It is used for shooting videos, clicking images, and downloading documents, GIFs, and files. If your battery is damaged, you can’t do all these. The battery is no longer efficient, affecting performance and functionality. This can be avoided by iPhone battery replacement

Unexpected Power Down

iPhones and other flagship phones have their minds. You might think about how a gadget has its mind. Have you ever faced an unexpected power down? Imagine you are working on an urgent task that needs to be delivered in an hour, but your phone shuts down unexpectedly; you must feel frustrated and think about defragging your phone. Remember, defragging can only fix the issue temporarily. Therefore, replacing your battery with an iPhone repair shop would be the best decision. You must tell the experts about the unexpected power down you are facing. They will give you the best possible solution and guide you on maintaining the battery in the future. 

Long Charging Time

If you are using a new phone or in pristine condition, the time your phone will take to charge will be less than two hours. If your phone takes longer than that to charge, it is a sign that your phone battery needs a replacement. Some people complain that their phone is not charging for hours or not charging at all, whereas others complain that the battery degrades once the charger is plugged in. There can be several reasons behind this. The battery may need a replacement, or your phone is overheating and needs cooling. Whatever the reason is, you must find it out and resolve the problem. 

Apple Throttling Older Devices

You might listen to it for the first time, but Apple throttles the older devices and products to prevent failing batteries. It has longer effects because your iPhone’s health entirely depends on how you gather the issue. You may wonder how you would know if you are facing a throttling issue. To know that, go to settings, select battery, check battery health, see the health, and from there, you can turn off the throttling anytime. 

Replace Your Battery

Replacing an entire iPhone is expensive. Not everyone can afford the brand-new iPhones. Therefore, if you face any problem, it is suggested that you must find a way to get the experts and let them replace your battery. This is more reasonable. The iPhone battery replacement experts give out original spare parts, which are also at reasonable prices, so you don’t have to buy a fake product. Many people ask if they can replace the battery themselves. The answer to your question is that you probably can if you have enough knowledge and experience and have done that before. But if you have zero knowledge, don’t experiment on your phone because these phones have strong glues attached to hold the spare part together, and doing that yourself can damage your smartphone severely. 

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