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How Does MATLAB Play an Important Role in Companies?


Products that are safety-critical keep people, vehicles, and commodities safe. They must follow the well-specified design and testing criteria to ensure they can do their intended duties. Products essential for safety include passenger planes, life support systems, and fire alarms. Before being put on the market, these products must adhere to stringent regulatory standards in every nation, area, and territory.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) or application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions are used by businesses that create safety-critical goods. Many companies also make these items using MATLAB or Simulink from MathWorks. ALM/PLM system and MathWorks products are connected via Requirements Toolbox from MathWorks.

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  • Keeping One Source of Truth Constant

Engineers must ensure that quality standards are addressed at every stage of the design process when creating safety-critical items. But it might be challenging to ensure that all solutions meet requirements. Users naturally desire a single solution to meet all of their needs. Everyone may operate under the same guidelines when there is a single point of truth within a company. Because there is just one source of truth, modifications can only be made there, which promotes accountability and traceability.

Requirements Toolbox can help with that. Users of the Requirements Toolbox can examine requirements and other relevant features inside MATLAB and Simulink. This feature lets users import requirements from different sources into Simulink or MATLAB. Additionally, they can add additional requirements using the Requirements Toolbox. Toolbox, and after that, transfer them to another requirement management system. Requirements Toolbox enables businesses to preserve a single source of reality in this manner.

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  • Performing And Supervising Testing Based on Requirements

All designers must ensure that their creations adhere to product requirements. Manufacturers must carry out and oversee requirements-based testing to adhere to tight product standards and regulations. Simulink and MATLAB allow designers to run particular tests against product specifications.

Requirements Toolbox can be connected to MATLAB or Simulink tests. Users could also need to test product requirements not contained in MATLAB or Simulink. Application programming interfaces (APIs) in Requirements Toolbox support external testing tools to achieve this, significantly simplifying the process.

Users may quickly determine whether all requirements have corresponding tests using third-party testing tools. Users can assess how well the design performed in the conditions after running the tests. Designers may monitor the status of all requirement tests and verifications in one place inside MATLAB or Simulink using the Requirements Toolbox.

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  • Preserving Traceability

When developing safety-critical products, maintaining traceability is essential. Companies can rapidly locate the source of any design-related issues thanks to traceability. Doing this can avoid spending time and money trying to identify the problem. A number also requires traceability of standards, including those established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Manufacturers can immediately locate the problem’s roots owing to traceability. The best part is that manufacturers can develop long-lasting fixes to stop the issue from happening again.

Through its traceability matrix function, the Requirements Toolbox makes traceability easier. Engineers can keep an eye on requirements, tests, and validation on a single dashboard because of this capability. Users can access any project requirement and view all the associated actions and dependencies. It is simpler for manufacturers to find problems, find solutions, and meet standards, thanks to the traceability matrix.

  • Assisting With Change Management and Requirements

Engineers and designers know that product specifications might alter at any time, even after the fact, even for products whose safety is crucial. Although it would be ideal, avoiding all these changes is not always possible. Therefore, engineers must be flexible and ready to adjust to changing needs.

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