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6 Tips For Gentlemen To Buy the Perfect Underwear


Modern gentlemen are conscious of their lifestyle choice. Whether it’s their workout routine, career, health, fashion or relationships, they are always one step ahead and make choices that will take them toward their goals. Innerwear is the most intimate clothing men wear. Unlike external clothes, underwears are more personal and must be chosen correctly. If you ever felt guilty about buying expensive underwear with poor comfort, you are not alone. Many men don’t prioritize comfort when purchasing underwear. Therefore, choosing the right underwear brand that fits all your needs is essential. 


Modern men are more active. They are always looking out for adventures and live an active life. They need underwear that can keep up, offer superior comfort and not affect their pace by causing irritation and discomfort. That’s why brands like Mudbond are very popular amongst modern men, as it is a perfect companion in their fast and successful life. Whether it’s the work or workouts, their underwear offers superior comfort and perfect fit. Buying the right underwear is very important as it affects your comfort and the quality of your day. Many men get confused about which underwear to buy, as so many options exist. But don’t worry, here are six tips for gentlemen to buy the perfect underwear you need. 


Choose the right size. 


Any man would agree that slouchy underwear is one of the most annoying things to experience. It’s irritating to constantly pull your underwear up as it keeps slipping off your waist. If you are out at a party or an office meeting, it can lead to pretty embarrassing moments. The main reason behind slouchy underwear is not buying the correct size. When buying underwear, it’s essential to look for the right size.  


Finding the right size can be a little tricky. The standard size often varies from brand to brand. That means the measurements for size 34 can be different for different brands. Some brands also use dffernet siizng standards such as M, L, XL. The equivalent measurements for these sizes can vary according to the brand. Even a slight difference of a few inches can affect the fit of the underwear, making it too tight or slouchy. Therefore you must double-check the size of the underwear before buying. Most brands offer their sizing charts and guides to help find the right measurements. Remember to check them. 


Never neglect the comfort. 


The underwear surrounds your intimate areas for a big portion of the day. Therefore neglecting the comfort of the underwear can be a mistake. Wearing uncomfortable underwear can affect your mood and also distract you from work. You will keep adjusting it every now and then, which is something you want to do in public places unless you want to embarrass yourself. Therefore you must keep comfort at the top of the list of factors to look for in underwear.  

 Factors like material quality, material type, and brand can significantly impact the comfort of the underwear. Premium underwears are made from high-quality materials that are durable and yet feel light on the skin. The excess sweat can also make you feel uncomfortable and causes itching and odour. The anti-microbial anti-odour fabric ensures you stay sweat free for longer hours. The type of material also affects comfort. If you’re looking for summer underwear, you should look for cotton, which is light and absorbs sweat. In winter, the wool-based fabric offers more warmth and comfort. Some underwear brands also offer all-weather fabric that provides comfort in diverse climate conditions. 
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Briefs or trunks? 


Briefs or trunks are one of the hottest debate topics among men. But if you look at it, it’s a matter of personal preferences. They do have their distinct benefits, though. Briefs are comfortable and classic. Their shape covers what needs to be covered and keeps the legs bare. Briefs are more suitable for people who do desk jobs which involve sitting in one place for longer hours. The briefs don’t have the linings around the legs as the trucks have, so they do not cause any discomfort. They are also suitable for men who wear skinny jeans. 


Check the Waist Band 


The waistband is responsible for offering you the right fit and keeping your underwear where it is supposed to- on your waist. The material, width and thickness of the band also affect its grip. Cheaper underwear waistbands are made with low-quality elastic that gets loose after a few days of use. On the other hand, premium underwears have high quality, superfine microfiber waistbands that are soft on your skin and offer a firm grip.  


Look for sweat-resistant material


Intimate areas tend to get more sweaty than other parts. The accumulated sweat can cause odour, rashes and other skin problems like a fungal infection. Therefore the underwear must be able to absorb the excess sweat and keep the intimate area dry. The fabric must be breathable and offer enough airflow to absorb and dry the sweat and avoid its accumulation that causes skin problems.  


Mudbond underwear has special mesh zones around the sweat-prone area where the excess sweat is accumulated. These mesh fabrics ensure adequate air flow to keep the area dry, and the fabric quickly absorbs the excess sweat. That way, you can avoid skin problems, rashes, odours and itch caused by sweat.  


Experiment with colours and designs 


Those days are gone when men’s underwear used to be boring monochrome. Today you will come across underwear in a wide range of colours and designs. There are solid plain colours and unique designs such as camo and dual-tone. You can choose the underwear colour based on your style and personality. One might argue that the underwear’s colour would matter when you wear it inside. Well, if you go for a beach day, would you prefer wearing stylish underwear or boring old hile undies? Moreover, your girlfriend or wife would surely like that you are spicing up things by experimenting with your underwear colours and design. 


Buying underwear doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you use these tips before making the purchase. It’s always good to invest in premium underwear. It is not only about comfort, style or price. Premium underwear offers superior fit and material quality, which makes you more confident. That means you don’t keep pulling your undies up now and then and go one with your life with more ease and style. 

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