Midi Dresses: Types and Styling Ideas

Be it a birthday party, a casual date or even an outing on a sunny day, Midis are the go to dresses for every girl. Hassle free maintenance and a charming look are the added …

printed midi dress

Be it a birthday party, a casual date or even an outing on a sunny day, Midis are the go to dresses for every girl. Hassle free maintenance and a charming look are the added benefits of the midi dresses. Usually, a midi dress is something below the knees and above the ankles which gives you a gentle, comfortable and feminine look. Available in a huge number of shades, colours and designs, midis can range from printed midi dresses, floral midi dresses to casual midis. Smocked midi dresses too are on trend these days.

Here we will recommend you a number of midis for various events and day-to-day activities and the accessories that are to be paired up with them.

Read On to Find More Trending Ideas to Add More Grace to Your Midis.

Printed Midi Dress

A printed Midi dress is all time and all weather favourite of most women these days. While on sunny days, you can pair it up with your favourite neckpiece or fashion pendant. Team it up with your go to sneakers and you are ready to go. Occasionally straw sun hats too can be used to avoid excessive sun exposure and keep you active for hours.

Floral Printed Midi Dress

Floral prints are in vogue these days irrespective of the colour and the fabric. Why not try out the Floral Printed Midi dresses as they look cheerful and give you a playful and elegant vibe at the same time? These floral printed midi dresses make a perfect vacation outfit for beaches as well as mountains. Team it up with strappy boots in winter or with simple flats in summer.

Tropical Print Midi dress

A tropical print midi dress can be an all purpose outfit for the day. Wear it in the office on weekends as well when going out shopping. The tropical printed midis look great when paired up with a leather belt or even an elegant woven belt. High heels will serve the purpose of adding grace and poise to the dress.

Tie-Front Midi Dress

Tie-Front midi dresses are easy and comfortable to wear but at the same time, the tie-front adds to the beauty of the dress. This style is adorned with a tie which gives an extremely flattering look. Adorned with a tie and a side pocket at times, this makes the easiest and ever ready dress for every woman.

Sheer Overlay Midi Dress

Sheer tops are the trendiest style these days. So, why not give a try to the sheer overlay midi dresses too. Sheer overlay dresses with a side slit make a perfect outfit for extravagant occasions such as a housewarming or a cocktail party. Pair it with a silver bracelet along with stilettos or boots to give an alluring effect.

Smock Midi dress

The smock style adds grace and gives more of a retro look to the overall appearance. Pair your smock midi dress with bohemian jewellery and flats to give you a perfect look for next block parties and events. Adding these to your collection will not only increase the versatility of your dressing sense but will at the same time provide you with an edge over other outfits.

Tie-Dye Midi dress

Ever tried an offbeat fabric pattern? If not, try it out today. Tie-Dye Midi dresses are the latest fashion trend these days. They come in various patterns and designs to give you a more alluring and chic look. These tie-dye midi dresses make up the most desired vacation outfits for beaches or a random visit to a nearby store. Just get your sling bag and the ever ready flats to go chirp around and have fun.

Tank Midi Dress

Tank Midi dresses are the ones which will give you a more sophisticated look and a gentle appearance. Bold or dark coloured tank midis can serve various occasions such as attending a farewell party, a get-together or even a normal Sunday outing. Just get your favourite sandals ready with these tank midis and you are good to go.

Summing Up

The casual midi dresses provide hassle free and effortless maintenance and at the same time add a happy chic appearance to your personality. So just stop the hassle of mixing and matching and get one of your midis ready for your next outing. Pair it with your favourite footwear, elegant jewellery and a clutch and you are ready to go.

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