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Best Camping Sites in Jaisalmer – The Golden City

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When it comes to camping in the desert, Jaisalmer camping is the best option. Jaisalmer the golden city of Rajasthan is the best place to visit for desert camping. It lies entirely in the Thar desert also called the Great Indian Desert. 

The sand dunes offer iconic views of the desert. Most of the camping sites are located around the sand dunes which offers the tourists accommodation that is a perfect blend of Rajasthan’s culture, and local delicacies for the foodies. One can enjoy camel safaris and jeep rides with dune bashing in the golden sand of the desert.

Jaisalmer has extreme weather conditions but still a huge crowd of tourists. Jaisalmer camping offers pocket-friendly luxury tents for accommodation. Many cultural programs including folk dance and music are organized during the evening bonfires.

The Sam Dunes and the Khurki Dunes are tourist attractions. Khurki dunes are quite further in the Thar Desert. Most of the camping sites are located around Sam Dunes. One needs to take a camel ride to reach the Khurki dunes.

There are numerous desert camps in Jaisalmer, let’s look at 6 of them.

  • Rajputana Desert Camp
  • Winds Desert Camp
  • The Mama’s resort and camp
  • The serai camp
  • Dangri Desert Safari Camp
  • Rajwada Desert Camp

Rajputana Desert Camp

Rajputana desert camp is located 45km from Jaisalmer city. This camp offers around 40 swiss tents and 10 AC cottages. Tourists can choose from the swiss and AC ones as per their liking. They also offer restaurants for tasting the local Rajasthani food and organize folk dances along with local music during the evening bonfires.

Rajputana desert camp is among the most popular desert camps in Jaisalmer Camping. This camp is a bit isolated from other camps making the surrounding atmosphere less noisy. 

Rajputana camp also offers a camel as well as a jeep safari to watch the mesmerizing sunset at the Sam Dunes. All of these services are offered at the price of Rs. 3000 per night. This desert camp is a good choice for vacations.

Winds Desert Camp

Another desert camp in Jaisalmer camping is Winds Desert camp. Located at a distance of 35km from Jaisalmer city in the proximity of Sam Dunes, this camp offers tourists AC cottages. 

This camp covers over 3 acres of land and owns a sand dune. Winds Desert Camp is a luxury camp with spacious interiors. 

This camp also offers the camel and jeep safari with delicious local Rajasthani food. One can opt for the Winds Desert camp at Rs. 7500 to 9000 per night.

The Mama’s Resort & Camp

Mama’s Resort and Camp is located in the proximity of Khuri dunes. It lies 42km away from Jaisalmer. It is among the quiet and peaceful campsites in Jaisalmer camping. This camp is perfect for those who prefer a quiet atmosphere.

Mama’s Resort and camp offers luxury services at the price of Rs. 6500 per night. The camps are fledged with modern amenities and architectural aesthetics. Cultural events with authentic cuisines add flavor to the camping journey.

The AC cottages offered come under two categories. Deluxe and Super  Deluxe cottages. The super deluxe cottages come along with private pools. There is also an option of rustic and spacious swiss tents that have intricate interiors. Mama’s resort and camp is one of the most economical desert camp in Jaisalmer camping. 

The Serai Camp

The Serai camp offers tourists with amazing experience of desert camping. This camp covers a land of more than 100 acres. It lies in the city of Bhera which is 46km west of Jaisalmer. This campsite is unique and one of a kind in entire Jaisalmer. 

Serai camp offers around 21 luxury tents of which 14 are simple tented suits and 7 are luxury tented suits. The luxury ones have private pools with jacuzzi jets and private gardens. This campsite also offers a spa, public pool, dining, and lounge tents that resemble the royal caravan sites of Rajputana heritage.

Serai Desert camp is the only desert camp in Jaisalmer camping that offers such luxury services with hefty amounts starting with Rs. 22,000 per night.

Dangri Desert Safari Camp

Dangri Desert safari camp is an award-winning camp resort that offers the best service at an affordable amount of Rs. 4,500. The camp offers 45 tents which are well-maintained. A jeep safari is also offered by the camp. At Dangri Desert Safari camp one can enjoy the night safari jeep tour along with delicious local delicacies and musical evenings.

At night along with night safari, one can also enjoy the activity of star gazing and experience the feeling of sleeping under the sky.


Rajwada Desert Camp

Rajwada Desert camp is an authentic campsite located near the Sam dunes. This campsite showcases the culture and heritage of Rajasthan.

Rajwada Desert camp has all the necessary amenities and provides needful services to tourists at the price of Rs. 5000 per night. With respect to the services, quality safaris and delightful setups offered by Rajwada camp the fees taken is quite cheap and affordable.


Lying amid the Thar desert the city of Jaisalmer offers many options for desert camping. Jaisalmer camping is a must-have experience. Camping destinations ranging from cheap pocket-friendly to hefty luxury ones are available for tourists to choose from.

Jaisalmer camping offers the perfect experience of the beauty of the Thar desert and the culture and heritage of Rajasthan.



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