How to solve Seating Arrangement Questions in SBI Clerk?

The official SBI Clerk Notification 2022 has been issued, as well as the dates for the SBI Clerk 2022 Exams. The prelims exam will be conducted in November 2022, and the registration process will take …

Questions in SBI Clerk

The official SBI Clerk Notification 2022 has been issued, as well as the dates for the SBI Clerk 2022 Exams. The prelims exam will be conducted in November 2022, and the registration process will take place from September 7 through September 27, 2022. (tentatively). Candidates must regularly check this page to be updated about crucial developments for the SBI Clerk 2022 Exam.

SBI Clerk Syllabus 2022

SBI Clerk Syllabus 2022
Reasoning Syllabus Numerical Ability Syllabus English Language Syllabus
Logical Reasoning Simplification Reading Comprehension
Alphanumeric Series Profit & Loss Cloze Test
Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test Mixtures & Alligations Para jumbles
Data Sufficiency Simple Interest & Compound Interest & Surds & Indices Miscellaneous
Coded Inequalities Work & Time Fill in the blanks
Seating Arrangement Time & Distance Multiple Meaning /Error Spotting
Puzzle Mensuration – Cylinder, Cone, Sphere Paragraph Completion
Tabulation Data Interpretation  
Syllogism Ratio & Proportion, Percentage
Blood Relations Number Systems
Input Output Sequence & Series

The seating arrangement questions in the SBI clerk exam are asked in the following way –

The topics under SBI clerk syllabus consists of a large part of questions related to the seating arrangement.

  • Linear Arrangement
  • Circular Arrangement (inward, outward, or both sides facing)
  • Square/Rectangular Arrangement (inward, outward, or both sides facing)
  • Combination of the above three with puzzles.

Now, let us go through the above arrangements in depth.

Linear Arrangement section 

The linear section  row or two rows may be used to ask this kind of inquiry. You must pay close attention to the people’s instructions here. Let’s say there are 5 people seated in a row. Questions related to linear arrangement are asked oftenly  in the SBI clerk exam.

Circular Arrangement

These types of questions can be posed in the following ways: (a) with everyone facing the centre; (b) with everyone facing the outside of the centre; or (c) with some persons facing the inside and others the outside.

You must pay particular attention to the directions in such difficulties, as was already explained.

Square/ Rectangular Arrangement 

The following configurations are also feasible in this type of arrangement: (a) everyone faces the centre; (b) everyone faces the outside of the centre; (c) some persons face the centre while others face the inside.

Similar to a circular configuration, this arrangement follows the same directions.

SBI Clerk Preparation

While beginning with your SBI clerk preparation, you must update yourself with SBi clerk syllabus 

You must pay attention to the seating arrangement questions while continuing with your SBI clerk preparation.

The Questions about seating are typically asked in blocks of four to five in the SBI clerk exam. The candidates will be provided certain information, and questions will be based on that knowledge. Candidates often have access to two sorts of information:

Type I: Direct Information – As its name implies, direct information is expressly stated in the question’s sentence. This information should be used when attempting to answer a question.

Indirect Information, Type II: Once you have accurately filled out all of the direct information, you must then seek for any connections between the various pieces of the information. The indirect information is made up of these links.

Keep the following things in mind while solving seating arrangement or puzzle-based questions in SBI Clerk exam-

  • Don’t let the question’s size or wording frighten you.
  • Carefully read the entire question. You just need to pay attention carefully and apply all the information logically; the question contains all the information necessary to create the seating arrangement.
  • Keep in mind that the question will still be approached in the same way as the standard sitting arrangement even when puzzles are included.
  • Take into account every eventuality that could arise in response to the inquiry. As you continue to develop the query, a lot of the potential outcomes will disappear.
  • Practice. You can only do it if you want to succeed on this subject.

Types of questions that might come in SBI Clerk 2022:

A. With technology becoming smarter, there has been a corresponding increase in cyber fraud, harassment and threats.

 (a) On technology becoming smarter

(b) At technology becoming smarter 

(c) On technology became smarter 

(d) With technology has become smarter 

(e) No improvement required

B. Despite of the rising share of (A) / the Delta variant, the overall incidence in (B)/ Germany has been steadily (C)/ declining in recent weeks (D)/ 

(a) C 

(b) B 

(c) A 

(d) D 

(e) No Error

C. (48% of 625) ÷ 0.75 =? 

(a) 800 

(b) None of these 

(c) 40 

(d) 4000 

(e) 400

D. Average of present age of A & B is 30 years and C is four years older than A. Four years ago, ratio of age of A to C was 3: 4. Find the sum of ages of A, B & C five years hence will be? 

(a) 85 years 

(b) 95 years 

(c) 90 years 

(d) 105 years 

(e) 75 years

E. 45, 49, 40, 65, 16, ?

(a) 137 

(b) 121 

(c) 97 

(d) 143 

(e) 109 

F. He lifted the nest (A)/ gently and put it in a (B)/ safety place in the (C)/ forks of the tree. (D)/ 

(a) A 

(b) D 

(c) C 

(d) B 

(e) No Error

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