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Is Hatton Garden overpriced for shopping?

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If you’re visiting London, you simply have to go to Hatton Garden. This jewellery hub will leave you bedazzled in the true sense. However, people often assume that it might be overpriced. Lets bust a few myths and get to the real facts about pricing in Hatton Garden.

The oldest jewellery hub in London

Whether you’re a native British or visiting London for a vacation, its likely that you all have heard of Hatton Garden. The reason behind such wide-spread popularity is that Hatton Garden is the oldest jewellery hub in all of London. It was established sometime in the 1800’s and has been running successfully since then. The entire area earlier belonged to a royal family who then leased it out to different people and as a result the hub started to form which is like a constellation of jewellery and antique shops today.

Exhibitions, seasonal sales and discounts

Hatton Garden holds exhibitions and events all year round. There are seasonal sales as well. During the wedding season twice every year, new collections are launched. Just before these seasons begins, there are stock clearance sales and other discount offers to make way for the latest stock. So, one can say that for most part of the year the prices are quite reasonable and affordable in fact. You can also buy memberships from certain stores and get jewellery at discounted rates or free purchases and gifts beyond a certain limit of expenditure.

Trustworthy jewellers and good quality items

Since Hatton Garden is such as old establishment, it goes without saying that the jewellers and stores are absolutely reliable. They have been there since decades and one can fully trust them to sell exquisite and good quality items. All the stores have the best jewellers hatton garden and they use top quality metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. and graded diamonds and other stones. The stores offer both naturally mined and man-made diamonds, both at different prices, but both reasonable. The stones used for making jewellery in Hatton Garde      n are of the highest quality and come with a grading certificate. They have a good resale value too.

Haggling is acceptable

It is important to know that some stores are open to negotiation in Hatton Garden when it comes to prices. The sellers naturally quote an inflated price at the beginning; however, haggling is acceptable. You can get down to negotiations and both can mutually agree upon a reasonable price. The sellers believe in building trust with the customers to ensure the loyalty of those customers. After all, it is beneficial to the business to have the customers come again after a good experience and also spread through word of mouth the glory of the said store. So, if at any point you feel that price is out of reach, you can resort to a little respectable haggling or bargaining.

It’s worth it

So, the bottom line is that depending on your budget, you might find Hatton Garden a little overpriced at times but you can time your purchase well to buy it when the prices dip. Also, rest assured the prices are totally worth it. You are getting good quality jewellery which is the ultimate goal after all.

In conclusion,

We’d like to say that regardless of the prices, you must give the place a visit. Who knows, you just might fall in love with the manufactured diamonds collection and go overboard with your own budget. Its definitely worth a try though.

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