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What Are the Pros and Cons of Ruby Programming Language?

ruby assignment help
ruby assignment help

One of the most widely used programming languages, Ruby, is an essential topic of inquiry in computer science studies. David Hanson designed the well-known web development language Ruby in 2004 after its Japanese originator, Matsumoto, released it. Since then, it has enabled developers across the globe to increase their output without compromising the quality of their work. Ruby has a 4.5% market share as of 2021 and is utilized in roughly 3 million online applications. Some of its significant users include AirBnB, Dribble, and Shopify. Moreover, with the release of Ruby on Rails, which has since been utilized as a server-side language for web applications, its popularity has grown to immense levels demanding several career prospects for computer science students.

At ruby assignment help, our experts are determined to examine Ruby’s benefits and drawbacks in this article, as all programming languages have pros and negatives.

Describing Ruby

Ruby is a potent object-oriented, open-source scripting language that’s particularly popular in web development. Instead of being compiled like C or C++, it is an interpreted language like Python.

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What are the Pros of Learning Ruby?

1. Easy Comprehension:

Ruby scripting language programming is simple to learn and has a short learning curve; it almost feels like writing code in English. It’s speedy to build functional apps and websites, which speeds up development and helps you get to market quickly. There are several occupations accessible. Currently, “software” and “Ruby” are mentioned together in over 23,000 jobs posted on Indeed.

2. Large Community:

It have a friendly and welcoming community despite being a new language compared to server-side languages like Java, PHP, and Python. GitHub serves as the main gathering area for Ruby developers and is where you can download code snippets for Ruby called gems. The gems are updated frequently and are bug-free, thanks to community support.

3. More accessible to Code:

One of Ruby’s most prominent features is how it makes development more uncomplicated and quicker when paired with Rails. Ruby on Rails, a web framework, makes it possible to create applications more quickly than specific other tools.

4. Agile Methodology:

Development and testing are carried out simultaneously with this methodology. This implies that every time a portion of code is written, it is also tested. By shortening the testing duration, a great deal of time is saved.

5. Fewer Lines of Code:

When Ruby and Rails are integrated, many libraries are available right out of the box. A skeleton code is automatically added whenever the developer issues a terminal command. Instead of writing code from scratch, the developer only needs to alter the skeleton according to the requirements, and it is then ready to use. These speedy development features can save projects a lot of time and money.

6. Many libraries and treasures:

Ruby creates and maintains many libraries. Its position in the bottom ten contributor languages on GitHub repositories demonstrates the popularity of Ruby and Ruby libraries.

7. Industry’s highest standards:

Unlike PHP and other server-side languages, Ruby has its standards and offers capabilities like DRY. Ruby-based applications adhere to stringent requirements and software design principles, such as programming using active record patterns and conventions. These are Ruby’s fundamental standards and paradigms, whereas our article on PHP frameworks shows how these functionalities become accessible after installation.

8. Budget-Friendly:

Ruby encourages competition and lowers hourly developer rates since it accelerates development. Due to the abundance of Ruby developers seeking employment, project costs may be reduced. And just let us know what you need if you need assistance finding these businesses. Within 72 hours, we’ll do our best to free link you with up to 5 companies that fit your criteria x frequently favors hyped-up or trendy technology.

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Below are Some Drawbacks of this Programming Language

1. Comparatively less popular:

Ruby is not as well known or utilized as other languages of a similar nature. For instance, only 6.7% of websites that use a known server-side programming language currently use it. As opposed that, 97.9% of websites employ JavaScript.

2. Slow performance despite rapid development:

Ruby is clearly one of the quickest development languages, but it may not always produce the best results in terms of web application speed. Still quicker are programming languages like Python and NodeJS.

3. Reliant on others:

The performance of Ruby is typically hampered by the database connections and relies on the developer’s skill and how effectively their code is written. It may become clogged by these problems, causing delays.

Twitter experienced performance issues with Ruby and eventually had to partially replace it with code written in other languages. Although it was not entirely dropped, Scala-based solutions were used in their place.

4. Not Being Flexible:

Ruby rigorously adheres to standards and paradigms, which makes it challenging to change the core codebase. Due to the fact that developers cannot change many configured set objects, flexibility is lost as a result. One of Ruby’s main drawbacks is that it prevents developers from making necessary fundamental changes, which forces them to switch to other tech stacks.

5. Insufficient documentation:

When it comes to RubyGems, frequently used in application development, documentation is not always current. While the documentation for the more well-known gems is typically available, using lesser-known libraries and gems may involve taking a chance. In this situation, the developer suffers since they must continually verify the necessary functionality and lose valuable development time.

Wrap Up

Although Ruby is a beautiful language for creating applications, some drawbacks force businesses to utilize different options. It may be used in various situations where many programs cannot, including web scraping, automation, DevOps tools, and command-line media players. Any tech stack you choose will, of course, depend on your team and budgetary constraints. To avail of the best practices and master programming skills, use ruby assignment help.


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