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Top Features of and Amenities of LDA City Lahore 

Amenities of LDA City Lahore

The features of any society make them unique and fresh from the rest of the societies in the real estate market. LDA City Lahore is a mega project panning on a vast amount of land, the complete development of this society will take time. Nonetheless, every society is built to bring features to the living standards, and LDA City Lahore has promised to bring every basic and luxury feature to living. Features that are incorporated in LDA City Lahore are:

  • Secure Gated Community
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance
  • Health Facilities
  • Education Facilities
  • Water, Gas & Electricity
  • Underground Electricity
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Jamia Mosque
  • Greenbelts & Streetlights
  • Maintenance Services
  • Underground Water Supply
  • Sewerage Disposal System
  • Petrol Stations
  • Gas Filling Stations
  • Water Tanker System

Amenities of LDA City Lahore

With every basic feature that LDA City Lahore has provided, the goal to provide luxurious amenities as well. The luxurious facilities and amenities that LDA City Lahore has provided are a plus to the basic features that are provided. Some of these amenities and facilities are: The amenities of LDA City Lahore is similar to those provided in The Avalon City Islamabad and the Newly Launched Block in Blue World City, Blue World City Waterfront it is one of the words class housing project with high luxury amenities.

  • 300 Feet Wide Main Boulevard
  • 40 Feet Wide Streets & Roads
  • Gardens & Plantations
  • Shopping Mall
  • Food Courts
  • Cinema
  • Community Club
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Cricket Pitches
  • Cricked Grounds
  • Football Fields
  • Sports Complex
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Renowned Hospitals
  • Climate-Friendlyly Environment

Reasons to Invest In LDA City Lahore

The reasons that validate any society to be deemed authentic and a good place to invest is based on just a few factors. These factors include owners & developers, NOC approval, location, affordability, features, and amenities. LDA City Lahore is built to have it all!

LDA City Lahore is a Punjab Government owned project, owned and developed by Lahore Development Authority (LDA) itself. The society is NOC approved,, the tot   land is more than 60,000 Kanal, which is located in such a place that it is accessible from multiple routes and touches thrie inter changes on Lahore Ring Road Society  is very affordable for the masses, and that there is a resale going on at this moment. The society provides each and every feature and amenity that a housing society needs. The development at the moment is slow at, but with time and for long term investment LDA City Lahore is a great opportunity, with having a high Return On Investment (ROI).

How to Book Plot in LDA City Lahore

Booking for a plot in LDA City is very easy, all you need are a few documents to book your own plot at LDA City.

  • Complete booking form
  • 2 passport size picture of applicant
  • 2 CNIC copies of applicant or B-form for under 18
  • 2 CNIC copies of next of kin of applicant or B-form for under 18
  • Down payment cheque or pay order receipt

Pros & Cons LDA City Lahore

Pros and cons are inevitable with every society and these pros and cons determine how authentic a society is.

The pros of LDA City Lahore are:

  • Government Project
  • Owned and Developed by Punjab Government
  • NOC Approved
  • Idyllic Location
  • Affordable
  • Luxurious Facilities & Amenities

The cons of LDA City Lahore are:

  • Prices might increase with time
  • Development speed is comparatively slow

FAQs LDA City Lahore

1.      What is LDA City Lahore?

LDA City, a project of Lahore Development Authority, is one of the biggest projects in Lahore.

2.      Who are the owners and developers of LDA City Lahore?

LDA City is a project own and develop  under Lahore Development Authority (LDA), hence the name. Lahore Development Authority is a Pakistan Government institute, there the project LDA City is developing under Punjab Government, and by extension the Government of Pakistan.

3.      Is LDA City Lahore NOC approved?

The NOC for LDA City has been granted by Lahore Development Authority Board. The project is legal and authentic.

4.      Where is LDA City Lahore located?

LDA City itself is located on Ferozpur Road, whereas this is one of a kind society with three interchanges of Lahore Ring Road touching it.

5.      What is the total land area of LDA City Lahore?

The total land of LDA City is more than 60,000 Kanal.

6.      How many phases are there in LDA City Lahore?

For the entire land itself, the society is divide into 2 Phases. Phase 1 is the Jinnah Sector, whereas Phase 2 is Iqbal Sector. Both these phases are divide into multiple blocks.

7.      Is LDA City Islamabad a good investment opportunity?

LDA City Islamabad is a good opportunity for investment in a long term investment. The society gives a high ROI.


LDA City is a project own and develop by the Punjab government, the society is a total of 60,000 Kanal which is divide into two Phases. The society is also NOC approve, with approval from Lahore Development Authority Board.

Society is lace with basic and modern features, with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. LDA City is a good opportunity for long-term investments, with a high ROI. For people that are interested in investing for a long term, LDA City is the right way to go.


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