What problems of parents should focus on high school

We, as parents always take our children’s school problems lightly as most of the time we think they might be bragging about the small issues or creating issues so that they can avoid class or …

We, as parents always take our children’s school problems lightly as most of the time we think they might be bragging about the small issues or creating issues so that they can avoid class or activities in school

We need to understand that the teenage years are not easy and they will be tested many times. Common problems, such as stress, self-doubt, not being able to handle emotions, and anxiety, hormonal changes are often exacerbated by high school issues, making it both physical and psychological obstacles for them.

So in this article, we have jotted down a few common issues that parents need to address so that their children enjoy their best years completely.

Common issues parents of High School students in Dubai need to address.

Teen Stress

High School can be stressful with the amount of hard work, subjects, assignments, exam pressures, etc., so finding the best school that eases the pressure on your child is always the best way.

For eg:- Indian School teachers help students in understanding the topic, not putting them under pressure to perform. Teachers also take time to personally know their students’ interests and unique abilities which can be a boon to help students be stress-free.

Children already have pressure to perform well in academics and extracurricular activities. On top of this, they are expected to be productive, have a less social life, think about the future, make wise, life-changing decisions, etc., making them overwhelmed.

How can Parents support

Parents should always see that they do not put pressure on their children and they should make them understand what real learning is all about so it doesn’t matter if they score less. Teach them to give their best in anything they do. Support them in every way and help them to do regular exercise, remind them to drink enough water, take walks, and provide them nutritious food as all these small habits are the best ways to reduce stress.

Having one on one conversations is the best therapy for teens as they can share what bothers them. Parents should talk to their children without judging them and most of the time, they should talk to them as friends.

Help them to find programs they love or are interested in as it is seen that teens feel less stressed if they do things that they truly love. So encourage them to do something they are passionate about so that they feel balanced and less stressed.

Exam Fear or Anxiety

A common fear among students is the fear of tests or exams. Students of Indian High School Dubai have to undergo many tests, exams, and assignments in high school. The first thing that children themselves need to understand is that preparation is the key, so if you are well prepared, you will automatically have no anxiety or stress. But if they are preparing everything at the last minute then this can be the reason for their anxiety and stress. So it is important to plan in advance (when to start and how to complete), jot down everything from dates to chapters, topics or subjects, etc., and prepare for the exam in advance so that there is enough time to revise and be relieved.

How can Parents support?

Parents need to keep a check on the children if they are following their schedules, completing their daily tasks accordingly and if their preparation is going on in a timely manner. You can also help them in preparation by providing them with resources and asking them quick questions on the subject matter so that you know how well they are prepared. Providing them with nutritious food is good as it fuels the brain which helps them in staying focused and it enhances performance.

Teen Exhaustion

Tiredness is a common problem among teenagers as they perform many activities in the whole day from academic classes and extracurricular activities. Sometimes mental exhaustion is more than physical.

How can Parents support?

Parents should make sure their child is following the sleep schedule and getting enough sleep every day. Wasting too much time on social media, especially during the

Night before sleep can lead to insomnia. So making sure they wind up at least 2 hours before bedtime or having a tech-free bedroom is the best way to curb late-night surfing and cyber-socializing.


Bullying is very common among teenagers and one of the main reasons for children’s stress and depression. Sometimes declining grades and personality or behavioural changes can also be the effects of bullying. Teachers of Indian High School Dubai practice active listening and make them understand that it’s not their fault; this support is necessary, helping them to a greater extent.

How can parents support?

Bullying can be physical, and psychological, so if your child is avoiding school or class then have a conversation with them in order to understand the reason behind it.

Most of the time they do not share with others as they feel guilty about it so take them in your confidence, be their support and understand them. Take required actions if you find anything that’s affecting your child. Take them to a counsellor so that they can convey to them what’s bothering them and asking them to write a journal will be of great help in working on their emotions.

Directionless Woes and Apathy

This is a major problem for teens as most of them do not know what to do. They do not have directions as to where they want to go and what they want to do.

How can parents support?

Make them understand that it’s okay if they don’t have a clear picture or have not figured out what they want to do. Choosing the subjects they like or have an interest in is the best thing they have to do and exploring things and activities of interest will help them to know later on what they would want to continue. Again, guiding them and respecting their decision and interest is another way to show your support.

Wrapping up

We have highlighted some of the main issues of teenagers these days and given ways to address them. Addressing the issues at the right time is necessary before it goes out of hand. So take care of your teenager who is starting their new life in Indian School and support them to perform better.

If you have some other issues related to high school teenagers who need help; pls comment below and we will try to make an article guiding you on the same.

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