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Smite Patch Notes: 5 Major Changes, Release Date Announced


Hi, everyone! We’ve got some big changes and updates for Smite this patch, with the release of update v1.21 just around the corner. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the 5 major changes and their release date, as well as announcing the big news – the game’s first official season is coming soon!

What’s new in Smite Patch 1.12?

In Smite Patch Notes 1.12, we’ve made a number of major changes that will affect the way you play the game. We’ve also announced the release date for Smite Patch 1.13, which will include new god abilities and balance updates.

Here are the most important changes in Smite Patch 1.12:

New God Abilities: Acrisius, Ares, Bellona, Chiron, Deimos, Dispater, Ereshkigal, Freyja, Hecate, Janus, Loki, Ne Zha, Raijin, Scylla, Thanatos

Balance Updates: All gods have received adjustments to their stats and abilities. You can find more information about these changes on our forums and in-game.

Smite Patch 1.13 is coming soon! In this update we’ll be adding new god abilities and matching them up with the correct skins. This update will also include balance updates to help improve the gameplay experience for all players.

The release date for SMITE Patch 1.has been announced

The Smite Patch Notes for patch 1.14 are now available. Here are the most important changes and release date information:

New Champions

– Ne Zha, the Shaolin Monk – Released on January 6th as a free champion for all players

– Geb, the Great Devourer – Released on January 13th as a free champion for all players

Champions and Items

– Several champions and items have received major changes, including Ne Zha’s ultimate ability, Divine Fury. Details can be found in the Patch Notes below.

– The Brawler’s Shield item has been renamed to Stark Shield and its stats have been increased. It now grants 20% bonus armor and magic resist instead of +50 health. This item is now exclusive to Geb.

– The Brawler’s Gloves item has been renamed to Grievous Wounds and its stats have been increased. It now grants 25% bonus attack damage and ability power instead of +10% health. This item is now exclusive to Geb.

– The War God’s Rage summoner spell has had its cooldown reduced by 20%. Additionally, it now grants 20% bonus attack speed and ability power for the duration of the summoner

Console updates coming to Xbox One and PS4

Smite is getting some major updates and changes over the next few weeks! The first of these updates is scheduled to release on Xbox One and PS4 platforms tomorrow, and it includes several major changes to the game.

The most significant change is that the game will now use a new matchmaking system which should make finding games more reliable. Additionally, players who queue for ranked games will now be placed into games with players of similar skill levels, rather than being randomized.

The patch also includes a number of other small changes and bug fixes. For more information, check out the Smite Patch Notes blog post.

New gods added to the game

Smite is continuing to grow and evolve with each new patch. Today, we’re announcing some major changes and release date for the game.

First of all, we’ve added a new god to the game – Aphrodite! This goddess of love and beauty will be joining forces with Ares, Zeus, and Athena to battle on the battlefield.Along with her arrival, we’ve also made a number of other changes and adjustments to the game. You can read all about them in our latest patch notes.

We also have a release date for Smite: September 22nd! This date marks the start of our Closed Beta Test for the game. We hope you all join us and help us test out this new update before it launches worldwide.

Balance changes coming in SMITE Patch 1.12

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been hard at work on some major balance changes for SMITE Patch 1.12. This patch will include a variety of changes to the game that we hope will improve the overall experience for all players.

Some of the biggest changes in this patch include a rework to Hades and Neith, as well as a new Battleground – The Ishtar Temple. Additionally, we’ve also made some adjustments to items and gods. Keep reading for more details!

Patch 1.12 is scheduled to release on Thursday, December 14th. We hope you enjoy these changes and that they make playing SMITE more fun! Also read: Unblocked Games 66 Ez.

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