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Make Yourself Better (Even if You’re Busy)



When you have a job, family, bills, and other responsibilities, it’s tempting to put off self-improvement and personal growth until later. The same is true for bettering your life in general. Changing your daily lives myself requires that it be another occurrence. Instead, it is frequently the tiny things you do every day that add up to major development over time. These small habits of practice can help you develop confidence, reduce stress, build deeper relationships, reconcile your work and life, become one happier person (mentally, emotionally, or bodily), and be more.


Nobody has all day to ponder about self-improvement, so let’s start with only 30 minutes. That’s all—I’m sure you’re paying attention now.

We’ve compiled a list of activities that can help you become a better “you” in as little as 30 minutes (or less) every week. Try one (or two, or five, or all!) of them.

Develop your mindfulness skills.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing how you should “absolutely try meditation,”, especially from your (newly) yoga-obsessed mother. However, mindfulness is much more achievable than the type of meditation you’ve heard about since it doesn’t take years of practice or a yoga mat. Mindfulness may be practiced in 30 minutes (or less!) without leaving your workstation.


Establish a regular morning routine.

One method to have a productive day and save time in the morning is to break down each activity into manageable parts and then plan them all. This implies that you know exactly what you’re going to do from the time you wake up.

Yes, it seems a little intimidating, but it works because you don’t waste time deliberating on things—spending 10 minutes choosing out an outfit, 15 minutes wondering if you want to go for a run—you simply do it. As a result, you’ll (almost) always be out of the home on time.


Repeat with a bedtime routine
A great sleep routine is another approach to ensure a pleasant, healthy morning. There is no exact recipe that will suit everyone. What matters is that you make one and stick to it.

For example, every evening I wash, prepare my lunch for the next day, and spend 10 to 15 minutes doing something relaxing, such as surfing through social media, reading 15 pages of a book, or conversing on the phone with my parents. The constancy allows me to sleep better and feel more prepared for the next day. 


Makeover your bedroom to get a better night’s sleep.

Even with an excellent nighttime routine, it might be difficult to achieve your optimum sleep every night, especially if you are busy or worried. Make a place where you’ll always feel good about going.

Putting on beautiful clothing.

This has an emotional impact on you. When you don Air Jordan 1s instead of random sneakers, everyone will feel more self-assured. This is an analogy, but remember that wearing great clothes boosts your happiness, assertiveness, and overall life in general.


Plan a fun afternoon activity.

You probably suspected it, but having an activity that will break you out of even the worst midday slump is just as important as having a morning and nighttime routine.

Prepare your lunch (and dinner).

Making your meals not only ensures you have control over your health, but it’s also less expensive and a terrific chance to learn a new skill or experiment with your cooking talents. Plus, you get to brag to coworkers about where you purchased the food.


Finally, eat it away from your desk.

After taking lunch away from her work, Muse writer Kat Boogaard learned several crucial things. For starters, taking a vacation is simply beneficial for you. But she also learned the need of practicing work-life balance throughout the day, not just after work. You’re already one step closer to a better, more balanced existence if you take that time off during office hours.


Attend a TED Talk.

TED Talks are similar to mini-lectures. They may just educate you more about yourself, encourage you to create, or simply introduce you to a fascinating new topic. Plus, they’re generally just around 20 minutes long, so you can watch one while getting ready for work in the morning, during your lunch break, or while sitting in a waiting room.


Tune in to a podcast.

Similarly, podcasts are excellent sources of amusement while on the road. And they’re often just what you need to unwind. I’m a huge fan of listening to one podcast on my commute every day—half on the way to work, half on the way home—and the tales always make me cry. However, the variety of podcasts available is practically endless. So, whether you want to catch up on the news, learn something new, hear what others are saying about your favorite topic, experience a fascinating true tale, or laugh at something lighter-hearted, there is a podcast for everyone.




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