Getting Slow Internet Speed? Let’s Boost It Now!

Even if you don’t live in a big house or apartment, you will still bump into problem of blind spots making your WiFi run at snail’s pace, No matter you have Netgear extender and performed …


Even if you don’t live in a big house or apartment, you will still bump into problem of blind spots making your WiFi run at snail’s pace, No matter you have Netgear extender and performed Netgear extender setup, bear in mind, if there are connectivity issue, you will surely not be able to make the most out of your WiFi connection.

No worries! Getting slow internet speed is very common. Approximately 99 percent of users experience the same. But, luckily, following the fixes provided in this article can help you out in a bigger way to resolve internet connectivity issues.

Here, we have provided the best that following which resolving slow internet issue will be a piece of cake for you. Thus, continue to stick to this 3-minute read!

Tips to Fix Slow Internet Issue

Fix 1

Restart Your Netgear Extender

Yes, you read it right! Just like humans, devices need a break too, don’t they? If you want your Netgear extender to perform well, consider giving the device a break by simply power cycling it. You can also restart your existing router as well. Here’s how to restart the devices:

  • Disconnect your router from Netgear extender
  • Turn off your Netgear extender
  • Then, turn off your router as well
  • After a few minutes, turn on your extender and then your router

Now, after the power cycling process check if the slow internet issue is fixed or not. Just in case the issue still persists, try the next tip highlighted below.

Fix 2

Change the Extender Location

The WiFi signals of your Netgear extender can be blocked if it is placed near to baby monitors, electronic devices, kitchen object, gym materials, Alexa devices, and so on.

Don’t worry! Simply place your Netgear WiFi range extender away from them. Doing so will surely boost up your internet speed. What! Not possible to place your Netgear extender away from them? Why worry then? Turn off the obstructions when not in use.

Fix 3

Check the Connection

If the connection between your Netgear extender and existing router is not successfully made, then also you can face WiFi connectivity issues. To deal with it, simply connect your extender and router in a proper way.

Apart from this, you also have to ensure that your existing router is compatible with your Netgear extender. Just in case, your existing router is not compatible with the extender, then you might face issues while making a connection.

What! Don’t have an extender-compatible device? Why fear then? You can replace the existing device with Netgear router. Just configure it first using default routerlogin username and password. Once you are done, try to connect it to the extender.

Once a successful connection is made between the devices, you will itself experience a boost in your WiFi connection for sure.

Fix 4

Update Extender Firmware

You can also get connectivity issues if the firmware of your Netgear extender is outdated. To get it fixed, update the firmware of your Netgear WiFi range extender right away. How? By going to the extender’s official site using Once you are in there, follow the Netgear extender firmware instructions as per the model you have.

Note: Please do not turn off your Netgear extender or go online till the firmware update process is going on. Doing so will interrupt the firmware update process. Your Netgear extender will reboot automatically once the firmware update process gets completed.

Fix 5

Perform Netgear Extender Setup

Keep in mind – if you have not properly performed Netgear extender setup process, then also it may give you WiFi connectivity issues. So, to make the most out of your WiFi connection, ensure to configure your Netgear extender in a proper way.

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