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If you’re a real adventurer who wants to see the world from a different point of view, a desert safari Dubai is your best bet. This article will tell you about the evening desert safari, …

Desert Safari Dubai

If you’re a real adventurer who wants to see the world from a different point of view, a desert safari Dubai is your best bet. This article will tell you about the evening desert safari, which is different from the daytime version in many ways.

Evening desert safaris are always popular with guests because they offer different ways to have fun that other safaris don’t. A Desert safari is a place with a lot of sand where you can do things like sand skiing and dune bashing. Also, a B.B.Q. Dinner and other entertainment make the party even more fun.


The desert evening safari includes:

  • Meet up by 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Using a camera at sunset
  • Trips on Camels
  • Putting on an Arabesque (not during Ramadan)
  • Theater performance with fire and Tanoura dance
  • Bar (On Payment basis)
  • Making designs with henna
  • With a Hubble Bubble Shisha – (on a Payment basis)
  • Arabian coffee.
  • All you can drink
  • We leave at exactly 9:00 p.m.
  • Taking the Skis to the Sands (additional charge)
  • In a four-wheel bike (additional charge)
  • Evening safari activities


Dune Bashing:

Join a guided desert safari and ride in a 4×4 vehicle over the sand dunes until the sun goes down. Drive your jeep up and down the sand dunes to satisfy your need for speed. The desert is about 45 minutes by car from the center of Dubai. The red sand dunes in Dubai’s desert make it look like you’ve landed on another planet, far away from the city’s noise and skyscrapers.

The 4×4 dune bashing takes no more than 45 minutes and is a thrilling ride through the Dubai desert. After 30 minutes of bumping around in the open desert, the safari driver will stop at any big dune so you can get out and take pictures and let the 4×4 cool down. You were going to have fun on this thrilling ride where you would slip, slide, skid, and spin. Sand was also there; there was a lot of it.


Using a bike with bigger tires

These bikes have tires made for riding on sand, so they are perfect for exploring the desert.


You should try the sport of sandboarding

Evening desert safaris often include sandboarding, a sport that works well in the desert. On any desert safari, you have to go sandboarding down the dunes.


A ride on a horse and a camel:

In the Dubai desert, there are camels, so why not ride one? Because camels are gentle animals, their owners will show you how to ride them. You can’t go to the desert of Dubai without riding a camel. A trip across the desert on horseback with a guide takes about 90 minutes. It’s like riding a camel. Rarely can you find things to do that are both different and relaxing like this?

Dune Buggy or Quad Bikes:

An evening-time quad bike safari through the desert is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You get safety gear and show how to control the quadcopter.  You can do many different off-road activities in Dubai, and dune buggies are just one of them. Aside from being a favorite among the locals, this is also a place where vacationers who want to try new things go. Dune buggies are all-terrain cars that can drive themselves on sand dunes in a desert. Each buggy has a safety harness and a 4/5 point harness seat belt to keep people safe. As an extra safety measure, a helmet and goggles will provide to each rider. Depending on what you want, the dune buggy tour can last either 1 or 2 hours. We recommend combining this dune buggy safari in the morning with our desert safari at sunset for a full, exciting experience.


It’s time to dance the Tanoura!

The dancers are very skilled and wear beautiful, brightly colored costumes that keep the audience very entertained. Sufi music is known for its constant spinning, usually done by male Sufis.


The belly dance:

Egypt is where belly dancing got its start. This exercise involves rotating the stomach. Egyptian dances and costumes are the most well-known around the world. This is because Egyptian films have grown to have different dance and costume styles depending on where they are filmed. They are now a regular part of desert tours in the evening.


Showing how fireworks:

Evening desert safaris often have different fire shows to keep people entertained. Most of the time, these shows involve performing arts or skills controlling fire. They use special equipment to save a big enough flame to make an impression.

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The last thing we learned is:

Desert safaris in the evening are something you’ll never forget. So, that’s all we have to say about the Dubai desert safari. We hope you learned something and like it better than other safaris.

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