6 Successful Strategies for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the new age marketplace. Although all social media platforms can enhance a business, Instagram takes the cake with more user engagement and an easy-to-use interface. This makes the platform perfect for all kinds …

Instagram is the new age marketplace. Although all social media platforms can enhance a business, Instagram takes the cake with more user engagement and an easy-to-use interface. This makes the platform perfect for all kinds of business to showcase their products and services.

So, why do so many sellers put in the effort to edit videos and analyse the viewership?

That is because studies show that if done carefully, Instagram can be the ultimate key to tasting the sweetness of boosted sales. So, it is high time you also explore the treasure trove that Instagram is and start selling there. And, if you are already using Instagram but cannot see any significant difference, it is time to understand where you are going wrong and amend your ways.

This blog will dish out 6 strategies that can help you boost your sales through Instagram. Read on for #bettersales!

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Top Strategies for Successful Instagram Marketing

  1. Create a separate space for your product

I would suggest that do not mix up your personal profile with your business profile. So, create a separate profile dedicated to your business and your products. You can promote this account from your personal profile. But it is must for you to have a profile where the viewers will get all the details about the product or the service and are not distracted with your personal posts.

  1. Have a product-based content calendar

The next very important thing is to have a product-based content calendar, which means that you must be ready with posts at regular intervals. See it is a social media page, if you want you can post on a daily basis, but they all must be relevant with your products and services. For instance, if you wish to you can share memes, but make sure to link them to your product at certain point.

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This is one of the most trending memes that we can say is the perfect example of evergreen visual content. Now the wafers company Ruffles used it to their benefit. They edited the image and replaced the other woman the man turns to look at with a packet of Ruffles. The brand very wisely placed their product in a very viral meme to attract viewer’s attention.

  1. Make the content more user engaging

Simple posts with just product image and product description are good but not good enough. So, when introducing one of your products or services, upload a simple post where you let the target audience know about the basic details of the same. But then don’t keep sharing the same post. This is where you have to let your creativity out.

For example, you have a beauty brand with all natural and organic beauty products and a few months back you have introduced a sun protecting lotion. Instead of sharing the same details over, try to merge the product with any festive occasion or some other significant events round the corner. Let’s say friendship day is around. Then you can share a customer review video or an image of your product and present it as the best-friend for your skin. This way the customer base are able to relate with the products at a more emotional and personal level.

  1. Learn to play with the captions

Nothing can work better than catchy captions. Try to work on the same. When viewers see your post, they do not only check the pictures they also read the caption to catch the essence of the message you want to preach. So it is very important that you know how to use your caption to win the audiences hearts. You can use humour in your captions. Believe me humour is the best way to reach out to your target audience. Because see it is human nature to love somebody who can make you laugh.

Two years back Netflix came up with a twitter post like –

Thousands of people commented and re-tweeted. Some users also shared the comments of other users on the funny quotient. It was an extremely entertaining engagement to the point that Netflix had to hire 2000 more employees to manage the viewership. Though this was a Twitter post, you can try something similar on Instagram as well. Just remember that unlike the text-based Twitter, Instagram is more picture-based. So, using some funny and entertaining pictures would be better.

But keep in mind that it is not necessary that you have to go with touch of humour, if you think that is not your forte you can go for other stances as well. For your information I would like to mention that after humour if there is something that reaches people’s heart, it is inspiration. Often the athletic brands make use of such stance for their Instagram promotion.

  1. Make sure to add the right hashtags

Instagram is nothing without hashtags. The right usage of hashtags will let new followers discover your content while influencing others to share posts related to your brand. Here it is important to mention that it is a MUST for you to have a brand specific hashtag similarly like that of Rifle Paper Company.

Remember that brand hashtag is not the end of the story. There are several industry specific hashtags as well. Research on them and keep a note of the most popular and the most trending hashtags and make sure to use them every time you post something about the brand. One tip for you is that in this case if you are unable to find the most yielding hashtags, try using free Instagram marketing tools for further brainstorming.

Another point to be noted here is that there is an on-going debate on how many hashtags are apt for Instagram posts. Instagram does not allow more than 30 hashtags but to be honest stuffing your posts with too many hashtags isn’t something to be proud of. If you notice carefully bigger brands use less number of hashtags, but they make sure to use the most impactful ones.

  1. Promote user generated content

User generate content is the best way to promote your content. For the same you have to give certain opportunity to your potential users to engage with your products. Like for example these days you can kick-start some trend and ask your loyal consumers to tag you follow the trend. In return you share the content they create. These days, film stars do the same for promoting their movies as well. There are many examples of this type of promotion, Apple’s #ShotonIphone & Starbuck’s #WhiteCupContest being the two most significant ones.

UGC can also be generated and shared through Instagram stories option. You can also raise a poll to engage audience with the brand.

Parting Thoughts –

Apart from the 6 strategies mentioned above, you can try other things like creating landing pages, Instagram ads etc. Whatever method you try the most important thing is to be active on Instagram. A few days off the platform and some other brand will snatch your place. So, taking time off from Instagram is never an option. It is better to hire an individual who has their expertise in handling Instagram. This will make the process easier for you.

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