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Xpluswear Reviews – Is It Legit Or Just a Scam?

Xpluswear Reviews

The Xpluswear website, run under xpluswear.com, is an online platform-based fashion retailer. It provides a variety of outfits created and prepared exclusively for larger women. In other words, the clothing’s stitching is appropriate for plus-size women who typically have trouble finding dresses that fit.

The website Xpluswear is still situated in China. In spite of this, they ship their goods abroad. Overall, the website has a variety of unique clothing options for women. It includes blouses, dresses, two-piece sets, formal pants, and jeans. The website still sells a variety of accessories. Many women find them to be in line with their needs and expectations.

The website’s tagline and brand’s mission are to “enable plus-sized women to become as trendy as their slender kin.” Additionally, they aim to support these ladies in feeling and looking beautiful and fashionable, regardless of their weight and body type.

Generally speaking, all of the items available for purchase on the Xpluswear website are reasonably priced. Additionally, some of their pricing is discounted and marked down. Xpluswears reviews are not satisfying.

Is Xpluswear Legit & Secure?

Is Xpluswear legit? Checking Xpluswear reviews and ratings is the greatest approach to determine how good or bad it is. The first red flag for Xpluswear is the absence of reviews on the website; in addition, the majority of evaluations on other sites are likewise unfavorable.

Since many fraudulent websites exhibit this pattern, it is important to note that the domain is new and that the WHOIS identity of the domain name owner is also disguised. This may be because the owner wishes to avoid receiving spam emails and messages. But let’s not go there just yet. The existence of this website on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram leads us to believe that it might be trustworthy.

Despite the extremely alluring and “die for” offerings, there aren’t many visitors to this website because it is new. Because of this, it is difficult to establish much credibility for the brand, and the trust index is only 1%.

Additionally, the server on which this website is located has a history of hosting many dubious websites, and this website is from a high-risk nation. This leads us to believe that the website is fraudulent.

On Facebook, they may be seen answering customer inquiries and comments, which a fraudster would never do. In addition, their phone number and address listed on the website are accurate.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying From the XplusWear Website

Let us have a look at the various benefits as well as drawbacks of purchasing from the XplusWear platform in this section!


Customers who shop on the Xpluswear website can take advantage of a number of benefits. However, some Xpluswear reviews have been praised due to their advantages. Among the benefits are:

Plus-size clothing that a woman would not be able to obtain elsewhere is offered on the website. A number of consumers have mentioned this in their assessments of Xpluswear items, in addition to the fact that it only sends the requested sizes.

The clothing is still offered at a fair price. Furthermore, within 30 days of delivery, they may be returned.

To make purchases on and through the website, a person can choose from a number of payment options.

Customers of Xpluswear have the option of personalization. It is still prepared to accommodate their wants and preferences.

A genuine and current SSL certificate was present on the website. It suggests that the website provides some level of security and protection for online conversations.

365 Daily new arrivals.

Enjoy free shipping over $79.


Numerous Xpluswear reviews have recommended and mentioned that the Xpluswear website has a fair number of drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks include:

In numerous nations, access to the Xpluswear website is still prohibited. It calls into doubt whether it is legitimate.

Cash on delivery is not an option available on the website. It suggests that clients must pay in advance for the goods they wish to buy.

Numerous evaluations of Xpluswear’s clothing and shipping also highlighted the issue of delivery delays. Many clients claim to have received the item months after making the transaction.

The nation that hosts Xpluswear.com is regarded as being high-risk.

Xpluswear reviews seem to be lacking due to their drawbacks.


Xpluswear.com only had a dismal rating of 2.2 stars. The buyers don’t appear to be content with their purchases either. Many have voiced their displeasure about unfulfilled orders from months ago. The garment was made of cheap material, according to those who received their orders. They didn’t all receive the same sizes, and occasionally the product itself was totally different from the image.

According to Xpluswear reviews, clients claimed that the business denied their requests for refunds.

Additionally, their 30-day return policy is only valid if consumers personally ship the product back to China. Some claim that the website is fraudulent and that no one should ever purchase anything there.

However, a few customers reported on Xpluswear reviews that they received their orders on time and that the quality of the goods and packaging was excellent. They were happy with the services and the clothing’s flawless fit.


In summarizing the Xpluswear reviews, we can conclude that in addition to the bad comments, there are a number of other criteria that lead us to believe that purchasing from Xpluswear will result in a financial loss. They are given some leeway because the website is brand-new. Even while the likelihood seems remote, there might be defamation efforts being carried out by their rivals.

Let everyone know whether Xpluswears is legit or a trustworthy retailer if you have any experience buying from them. We have told everything about Xpluswear and hope you guys like it and all your queries are cleared by this article.

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