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Why is My Wavlink WiFi Extender Not Performing Well?

wavlink extender setup
wavlink extender setup

Many Wavlink WiFi customers have complained that their wireless network sometimes disconnects. A Wavlink WiFi range extender user may have problems for a variety of reasons. You’ve found the proper article if you want to discover all those causes and the tried-and-true answers to them. In this article, we will walk you through the ins and outs of troubleshooting your Wavlink WiFi range extender. Let’s get going!

Fixed: Wavlink WiFi Extender Not Working Well Issue

1. Put the Extender in the Right Spot

The proper selection of the extender placement needs to be done during the Wavlink extender setup process. If your Wavlink WiFi range extender is in a remote part of your house, you may have slow or intermittent internet connections. Or, even if you’ve made room for it in the hub of your house if it’s tucked away in a cupboard or under a table, it won’t be as effective as you’d want.

The problem may be resolved by keeping the range extender in a central but more accessible position, such as on a shelf or tabletop. Make sure your Wavlink WiFi range extender is within modem range wherever you decide to set it up.

2. Legacy Firmware Updates

Maintaining up-to-date firmware on your WiFi equipment is crucial. They enhance your device’s performance and functionality and provide new features. WiFi signal drops might also occur if the firmware on your Wavlink WiFi range extender is out of the current.

Think about upgrading the Wavlink WiFi firmware right now. If a new firmware update is available for your device, you may install it by logging into your range extender’s dashboard using the IP address associated with your Wavlink WiFi range extender. FYI, the firmware file is supposed to be as same as the model number of the Wavlink device you use. We don’t want you to get muddled up and get your extender bricked due to the upload of the incorrect firmware file.

3. Disturbing Interference from WiFi

One additional factor that might be sapping your Wavlink WiFi resources is WiFi interference. You should check to see if anything in your house is putting out radio waves or disrupting your range extender’s signals.

Avoid placing your Wavlink WiFi near potential WiFi interference sources such as Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, refrigerators, microwave ovens, metal studs, mobile phones, etc. Further, keeping your Wavlink WiFi WiFi range extender away from reflective objects is another good way to fix the problem.

4. Homing in on Other People’s WiFi

In the same way, if someone is stealing your WiFi signal, your Wavlink WiFi range extender won’t do you much good. If the ap setup Wavlink login password isn’t updated after installation, anybody may access the network.

The solution is to examine the range extender’s settings to see what computers are currently connected to it. You should probably turn off your WiFi if you discover it’s being used inappropriately. Once you’re finished, you should go into the Wavlink WiFi range extender’s settings and change the default password.

5. Reset the Extender

If nothing has worked, do a factory reset. All of your data, including your login credentials, will be lost. To return your Wavlink range extender to its original settings, please do the following:

  • Power up the extender
  • You may reset your extender to factory settings by using the Reset or Factory Reset button.
  • So, push the Reset or Factory Reset button and then release the button.
  • Be patient as the LEDs on your extender stabilize.
  • Please spend a few minutes doing this.
  • Now that you’ve reset your extender, you may set it up as you see fit. It can be done by visiting https://wifi.wavlink.com.


All of these are causes of weak WiFi connections while using a Wavlink WiFi range extender. Here’s hoping the advice above will help you solve the problem on your own.

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