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What Type of Pumpkin Seeds Are Best to Eat?

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Globally renowned pumpkin seeds are super nutritional. They originate from pumpkins and have different names in different countries. For instance, in North America and Mexico, people call pumpkin seeds pepita, whereas, in India, pumpkin seeds are known as petha beej.

Pumpkin seeds can be easily identified because of their elongated shape and beige color. Both ends are pointed, distinct pumpkin seeds from other seeds. No other elongated seeds contain two pointed ends.

Pumpkin seeds have two categories. They either come with husk or without it. The seeds covered with light brown husk are present in pumpkin, whereas huskless pumpkin seeds are cultivated separately. The latter can be eaten instantly and have an olive-green hue.

Best Edible Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are not only nutritious but also tasty. You can eat them raw, sprouted, or roasted. Every type has its deliciousness, uniqueness, and benefits.

But the question here arises, which type of pumpkin seeds are best to eat out of two categories, i.e., with husk or without husk?

Looking at the benefits of pumpkin seeds, one can understand that both shelled and unshelled pumpkin seeds are beneficial for the human body and do not pose any threats. But shelled pumpkin seeds are better than naked seeds. The sole reason is their higher fiber content than the naked seeds. More fiber means enhanced safety from heart and gut diseases.

The texture varies in both types of pumpkin seeds. Covered seeds are chewier than uncovered seeds. So, if you are not concerned about taking much fiber, it is highly subjective what pumpkin seeds should be eaten because both are health benefits.

How to Eat Pumpkin Seeds

Once it has been decided what pumpkin seeds are more beneficial, the question arises of how to eat them? What are the best ways to eat shelled pumpkin seeds? The answers are given under,

  • The easiest way of consuming shelled pumpkin seeds is eating them raw. Take out pumpkin seeds from the fruit, wash them and eat a healthy snack.
  • You can also roast the raw pumpkin seeds. This improves both the taste and the texture. Moreover, their shelf life will be increased.
  • You can also eat soaked pumpkin seeds. This will enrich the seeds with more nutrients. Soak the pumpkin seeds in water overnight or for one day, and then eat. Soaked pumpkin seeds are easy to digest.
  • Another way to consume pumpkin seeds is to sprinkle salt and spices on the roasted ones and then eat them.
  • Add raw or roasted pumpkin seeds to your salad or cereal if you are afraid to consume them solely.
  • If your kids do not eat raw pumpkin seeds, make pumpkin seed butter and serve with toast, cereal, or salad.

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds with Shell

Healthy Skin

Eating a healthy number of pumpkin seeds ensures good skin health. This is because of the carotenoids present in pumpkin seeds. Carotenoids have the power to strengthen collagen, which further tightens the skin. Collagen is the essential protein for the skin that determines the elasticity of the skin. If collagen is present in the skin, there are fewer chances of wrinkles and loose skin. Pumpkin seeds keep the collagen in good condition and hence the skin.

Weight Loss

Shelled pumpkin seeds are the best to improve your weight loss process. They contain much fiber. The fiber gives the full feeling, which reduces the appetite. Therefore, a person eats lesser than normal.

Pumpkin seeds also contain a lot of zinc, proteins, and calcium that assist the catabolism of fats. These nutrients ensure the complete breakdown of fats, releasing much energy that keeps the person active even after a low meal intake.

Treatment of Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is extremely common these days and triggers many health issues. Magnesium deficiency can affect your blood pressure and increase the risk of heart-misfunctioning. Moreover, your bones might be in poor health because of low magnesium levels in the blood.

You do not have to worry about encountering any such condition if pumpkin seeds are part of your diet. This is because pumpkin seeds are a rich source of magnesium, naturally.

Protection from Inflammation

Pumpkin seeds protect your body from inflammation because they have abundant vitamins and carotenoids. These two elements act as antioxidants that neutralize the impact of free radicals. Free radicals are the major source of inflammation in the human body.

Strong Immunity

Another benefit of the shelled pumpkin seeds is the strong immunity. Carotenoid improves the immunity of the human body, and pumpkin seeds contain this element in abundance.

Treatment of Insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia or disrupted sleeping patterns, this is the best time to add pumpkin seeds to your diet. Tryptophan is a protein that is beneficial for good sleep. Normally, reduced levels of tryptophan lead to insomnia. Pumpkin seeds offer this protein in balanced amounts. Hence, they are the best to treat this condition.

Moreover, they also contain magnesium and zinc, which are good nutrients to promote sound sleeping patterns.

Sunflower seeds are also beneficial for health.

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