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What To Expect From Your NDIS Support Coordinator?


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a support program started by the Australian government in the year 2020 to help people with any significant or permanent disability lead independent lives. This program aims to make independent living possible for its participants and reduce the amount of support required to help them reach their goals. NDIS offers a wide range of support to its participants and also provides sufficient funds to access those support. One of the many support NDIS provides is Support Coordination.

What Is Support Coordination?

Support coordination is one of the support provided under the NDIS budget Capacity Building category. This category holds the funds that can be used to improve the participants’ skills and independence. The support coordinator’s job is to help you manage your NDIS plan more efficiently. Understanding the NDIS plan is not an easy job, especially for someone new to the program. You might need to hire professionals to help you understand the plan so you can implement it better. There are many providers and healthcare professionals who can provide the same services to you, and it can be bewildering as a new participant. The support coordinator helps you in finding the proper support for you and connects you with it. They also present multiple options for you to choose from, so you can have more choices in the matter.


Complete Connect provides support coordination in Brisbane. They have professional support workers who are dedicated to serving the participants and making their lives more enjoyable.


What Should You Expect From Your Support Coordinator?

Support coordination is a profession that is responsible for many things, and here are some things that you can expect from your support coordinator as they are part of their job.

1. Understanding Of Your Plan

The primary reason for hiring a support coordinator is to help you understand the plan, but if they are unable to do even that, there’s no point in getting a support coordinator. It is his primary responsibility to understand your plan and connect you with the necessary support.

2. Great Connections

If your support coordinator does not have many connections with service providers and healthcare professionals, he won’t be able to make relevant and good suggestions to you. It is essential that support coordinators build good connections with different support authorities so they can serve you better.

3. Problem Solving Skills

Support coordinators are also responsible for managing your funds and solving any problems that may come your way during your treatment. They are responsible for keeping track of your appointments and recording your symptoms so they can take immediate majors if something changes and you need urgent care.

4. Valuable Support

As an NDIS participant, you might need extra support with your everyday activities and someone to push you a little for your goals. You can count on your support coordinator to do the necessary things. They can be your friends who will support you in achieving your goals no matter how hard they may seem.

5. Good Relationship

A support coordinator is not only responsible for your physical well-being. They are also inclined to take care of your emotional and mental health. They have good communication skills and are willing to listen to you so you can share your concerns with them and build a good relationship that you can rely on.


As much as having a support coordinator can help you understand the plan, it is not essential that every participant gets to have a support coordinator in their plan. If NDIS thinks you are capable enough to self-manage your NDIS plan, they might not provide you with the funding for support coordination, so make sure that you justify your need for it with reasonable claims.

If you are looking for support coordination in Brisbane, reach out to Complete Connect, and their experienced support workers will help you to the best of their abilities.

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