What Is The Cost For WordPress Premium Support?

All WordPress.com sites come with a tonne of fantastic features, including top-notch hosting, Jetpack features that are necessary to speed up your site’s performance and safeguard it from spammers, and a pre-installed SSL certificate that …

All WordPress.com sites come with a tonne of fantastic features, including top-notch hosting, Jetpack features that are necessary to speed up your site’s performance and safeguard it from spammers, and a pre-installed SSL certificate that ensures privacy and security. We advise looking at our upgraded plan options if you wish to advance your website.

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The four options we presently offer Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce are each customized to meet your needs. A plan is only applicable to one site.

What is the price of WordPress?

WordPress costs about $11 per month to merely provide the essentials. However, in reality, you should prepare for a one-time expense of about $200 and a minimum continuous monthly fee ($11 to $40/month). If you need to engage a site designer, your WordPress costs might easily surpass the $1000 threshold.

The six WordPress pricing elements that you should factor into your budget while using 

WordPress.org are as follows:

  • $12 a year for a domain name.
  • Hosting starts at $2.95 per month.
  • Pre-made themes range in price from $0 to $200. (one-off charge).
  • $0 – $1,000 for plugins (ongoing or one-off charge).
  • Security: $50 and above (ongoing or one-off charge).
  • Fees to developers: $0 to $1,000 (one-off cost).

Word Press Pricing Guide

One of the most well-known blogging platforms and website builders in the world, WordPress.com, is accessible for free on a WordPress subdomain (e.g., yoursitename.wordpress.com). The premium plan, which is currently available for $15 per month with annual billing, is available to those who want to create a professional website. 

This covers domain name registration, premium support, and web hosting with up to 50 GB of storage as well as add-ons. However, if you decide to use a premium theme (which costs about $50) or any premium plugins, further costs can be incurred.

Keep in mind that WordPress.com (hosting solution) is different from WordPress.org (open-source CMS).

The Pro plan has an annual billing price of $15 per month. It is designed for anyone who wants to create and manage a business website. Everything a company needs to build a professional website is included, including plenty of storage, a free domain, access to premium themes, and an unlimited number of plugins.

WordPress isn’t the simplest website builder or content management system (CMS) available today, it should be mentioned. WordPress might not be the best option for you if all you want is a basic website and not a true CMS to house a huge content business. 

What is the cost of WordPress?

Although WordPress is an open-source platform available for free, there are still expenses involved. WordPress’ primary expense is hosting, which starts at about $3.95 per month. Domains, themes, and plugins are some other frequent expenses. After a one-time investment of $200, WordPress pricing typically ranges between $11 and $40 each month.

WordPress.com Personal Plan

The Personal plan includes best-in-class hosting, key Jetpack features, and an already-installed SSL certificate in addition to the following options:

  • Use a unique domain name to make your website more distinctive. With yearly or two-year plans, registering a custom domain is free for a full year.
  • Delete all WordPress.com marketing materials
  • Benefit from 6 GB of storage.
  • Obtain excellent email support from our Happiness Engineers.
  • Put audio files online

Unique Domain

We presently provide a large selection of TLDs and include a custom registered domain for the first year with our yearly and two-year plans (top-level domains, sometimes referred to as extensions). You can designate your custom domain as your principal domain on your website if you have a premium account.

WordPress.com Premium Plan

Along with all of the wonderful features offered by the Personal plan, the Premium plan also includes best-in-class hosting, key features of Jetpack, and a pre-installed SSL certificate. You also get:

  • Having access to Google Analytics
  • 13 GB of available storage
  • the ability to access premium themes created particularly for WordPress.com
  • With the yearly or two-year plans, you may access premium live chat assistance from our Happiness Engineers and apply custom CSS.
  • the capacity to use advertisements to monetize your site
  • Uploading audio and video files is possible.

WordPress Pricing vs. Other Competitors

WordPress is a wonderful choice for those who are already familiar with the WordPress CMS and want to expand to business or e-commerce functionality for the first time. Weebly and Squarespace make it simpler than WordPress currently does to swiftly design your site and launch your e-commerce business. If you intend to produce a lot of content or host a lot of products, you’ll also get unlimited storage space.

Pricing for WordPress.org: Summary

We’ve gone over the main expenses you’ll probably incur when building a website with WordPress.org. As you can see, it’s hard to put an exact figure on how much it will cost – rather, there’s an associated base cost (hosting, domain, and SSL certificate), with most people needing to spend a bit more along the way:


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