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What is Pain Management? Everything You Should Know About

What is Pain Management? Everything You Should Know About

Research shows that seventy percent of Americans live with chronic pain! The pain becomes unbearable for people to sleep peacefully at the night and concentrate during the day. The pain not only affects their professional life but also affects their social life and makes them less energetic to interact with people. However, if the pain is a regular part of your life, a pain management consultant would be able to help you.

A pain management expert like Dr. Nikesh Seth will provide pain management treatments to help patients recover from their different pain. Continue reading the blog to understand who are pain consultants and their important roles, and some of their treatments to get rid of several body pains.

Who Are Pain Consultants?

 A pain management consultant is a doctor who evaluates your body pain and treats it with different medication, and minimum invasive treatment to restore the functionality of your body parts. Be it acute, subacute, or chronic pain, expert doctors devise a treatment plan to reduce, relieve, and manage the body pain a patient feels.

The consultants of pain management clinics such as Integrated pain consultants legal include medication, injections, therapy, and even a combination of these approaches for different pain of different patients. Moreover, to ensure the patient’s better treatment, an interdisciplinary team of doctors and nurse professionals works together.

What Are The Role Of Pain Management Consultants?

A pain management specialist creates an individually customized treatment plan to restore the functionality of human body parts and help them return to everyday activities. You may have heard about Dr. Nikesh Seth in the news, he and his team always say that “every pain is unique and every patient requires different treatment methods to recover from the pain”. And to reduce patients’ pain, pain management specialists examine a patient’s overall quality of life.

The pain management consultant follows some steps to provide the patients the high-quality medical help and works hard to meet their needs. The following steps are:

  • Diagnose the cause of the pain

 Before the consultant treats the patient’s pain, they diagnose the cause of the pain. It is because some pain can be caused due to fractures or other reasons but in other cases like chronic pain, the reason may be elusive and make the treatment difficult. The consultant checks the patient’s medical, physical, and neurological medical history.

  • An in-depth patient evaluation

After examining the cause of the patient’s pain, the consultants ask the in-depth information from the patient about how and when the pain started. They will ask you about all the day-to-day activities that aggravate or reduce the pain, and all the current and previous treatments that you have been taking.

After the examination, the consultant will recommend you take a pain treatment option that works best to reduce the pain and make your body active back again.

What Are The Examples Of Some Pain Management Treatments?

  1. Joint Injections

 Joint injections are common treatments offered by some best pain management clinics such as Integrated pain consultants legal. The consults use joint injection treatment to reduce the stiffness and pain in the joints caused by inflammation and irritation. The pain undeniably causes mobility issues and negatively affects the quality of a patient’s life.

Thus, those patients with chronic or acute pain can visit the consultant pain management consultants like Dr. Nikesh Seth and take the best treatment.

  1. Spinal Cord Stimulation

 Spinal cord stimulation also known as SCS is safe to use on different back pain, neck pain, joint pain, nerve pain, knee pain, or many other pains and conditions. Pain management consultants use this treatment for effective solutions. It is one of the treatments which is used when other pain treatments failed. It is a procedure that used an electrical current to treat chronic pain.

  1. Ketamine Infusions

Different consultants like Dr. Nikesh Seth along with their team strive to provide the best pain management solutions for patients who are suffering from chronic pain. Ketamine infusions are a safe and effective treatment that is ideal for decreasing nerve pain levels in patients with chronic pain. Ketamine has some properties like dissociative where the patient’s consciousness is detached from the nervous system and block the pain that the patient can feel.

Wrapping Up Note

As you have learned quite a lot about pain consultants, their roles, and some treatments they offer, It is time to contact a reputable pain management clinic, and for that what’s better than Integrated pain consultants legal? So, contact the consultant today!

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