Valant vs Charmhealth – Note Worthy EMRs of 2022

The Valant EHR system was created by a psychiatrist. It provides a variety of functionalities for mental health practices of all sizes, whether they are solo or group clinics. These features include group therapy, treatment …


The Valant EHR system was created by a psychiatrist. It provides a variety of functionalities for mental health practices of all sizes, whether they are solo or group clinics. These features include group therapy, treatment planning, clinical reporting, telemedicine, integrated credit card processing, eLabs, a patient portal, scheduling, and online bill payment. Integrated measurement-based features, such as a library of rating scales, measurements, and automation, offer evidence-based care.

A health care suite is available from CharmHealth EMR. It is meant to be a hub for all electronic health care information for health care providers. Customers can make the service fit their needs by choosing from different price levels and add-ons, such as a free package. Its EHR, telehealth, and patient portal allow doctors to stay in touch with patients and store and access data digitally. With features like medical billing and RCM, healthcare professionals can spend less time manually taking care of the business’s finances and more time getting to know their patients.

The following is a comprehensive guide of critical features of Valant vs Charmhealth so you can compare them before buying a plan.


Key Features

Clinical Documentation

You may automatically pull the following information into each new note to accelerate note completion: You can carry forward the preceding note so that you are not always beginning from scratch. Data charting tools provide essential patient information like diagnosis, medication, and allergies. The billing information includes the CPT code, appointment time, provider name, appointment length, and essential demographic data.

Patient Scheduling

Valant’s solution for appointment scheduling allows your staff to manage everything from a single spot. Clinicians may organize follow-up visits based on the patient’s medical record. The interface for the calendar may be navigated by day, week, or month. The calendar display may be filtered by the provider, facility, and other factors.

Note Taking

Valant contains templates for treatment planning, notes, and charts. Numerous were created with psychiatrists in mind. The organization’s documentation process was designed to save time and improve documentation processes. When a patient arrives, the practitioner uses the interface shown in the following graphic to view the patient’s record. This view shows all progress notes, intake notes, telephone notes, and other relevant patient information.


Valant’s e-prescribing features are helpful for your practice and your patients. You can tell the system which drugs and pharmacies a patient likes and divide data by provider or client to get an overview of prescription activity in your practice.

Valant EMR Pricing

The pricing options for the Valant EMR are intended to give the desired features at an economical price. Valant’s tiered pricing options enable you to build your practice at your own pace if you are determined to do.

Valant EMR Demo

A demo can be instrumental when you are considering a new practice management solution. If you want to see how to use this software to manage clinical practices better, you can schedule a Valant EMR demo through the website.

Valant EMR Reviews

Reviews of the Valant EMR indicate that its reporting capabilities, easy interface, and inventory of mental health management tools are well-liked.


Key Features

RCM (Revenue Cycle Management)

The RCM dashboard displays regular response times and an infographic of your practice’s claims, collections, receivables, and rejections. Drill-down reports allow for the detailed monitoring of claims. Examine claims for discrepancies according to the insurer’s prescribed criteria. Once claims have been evaluated, digitally submit them to insurers. Reduces rejected claims and speeds claim response times while facilitating claim monitoring throughout the process.

CharmHealth Telehealth

You can use encrypted audio and video to meet with patients online in a HIPAA-compliant way. Follow the rules of HIPAA by communicating with coworkers and patients through encrypted text messages. You can access several medical apps on laptops and tablets without downloading software. For mobile entry, download an app for your phone.

Patient Engagement Tools

CharmHealth EMR includes a wide range of tools for getting patients involved. Patients can track their own health and wellness goals, which they and their doctors set together. Share directly with a patient’s portal diagnostic information and summaries of visits. Patients can read about medical topics that are related to their diagnoses or medications. Patients can use the service to ask for refills on their medications. Once they have been give permission, clinicians can send refill requests electronically to more than 70,000 pharmacies.

Charm EMR Pricing

There are three levels of pricing for CharmHealth EMR. Beginners can use a free plan, but they can only meet 50 people per month. The second choice is CharmHealth Flexi, which lets users change the price based on the size of their practice. The minimum each month is $25. The last choice is the Provider Plan, which has a fixed price of $350.

Charm EMR Demo

You can also schedule a CharmHealth EMR demo to learn more about how the CharmHealth software can be a crucial part of running your health management business.

Charm EMR Reviews

The reviews of CharmHealth show that it is easy to use and can be connect to the system. Moreover, it makes scheduling simpler for clinicians.

Final Remarks

Valant EHR is a cloud-based behavioral health system make for outpatient solo and group practices by psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, therapists, and counselors. The software has powerful features for practice-wide reporting, integrated billing, a patient portal, electronic prescriptions, telemedicine, patient interaction, payment processing, a clearinghouse, and patient communication.

CharmHealth is a cloud-based service that doesn’t cost anything right away. The provider has solutions for electronic health records, managing a practice, and billing for medical services. Instead of charging each provider separately, they charge based on how many interactions are make each month. The way CharmHealth prices its services make it perfect for startups and practices.

In conclusion, Valant and Charm EMR are efficient medical practice solutions and offer competitive features to eliminate administrative tasks. When it comes to making the final decision, you can compare their costs as well as request demos.

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