Useful Tips For Sauna Care and Maintenance For Beginners

If you are considering buying a  sauna for your home, chances are there you have a few questions about its usage, its cleaning process, etc. Today in this article, we have jotted down all the …

The Sauna

If you are considering buying a  sauna for your home, chances are there you have a few questions about its usage, its cleaning process, etc. Today in this article, we have jotted down all the important things you should know about before buying a sauna in Toronto.  So, without any further due, let’s get started!

Things To Remember Prior To Every Sauna Session

  • Clean your feet before you enter the sauna to avoid any dirt and sweat build-up. By doing this, you will reduce the chance of mold growth inside the sauna.
  • To reduce the amount of grit, perspiration, and dirt you would ordinarily leave on the benches and flooring after each usage, take a shower before using the sauna.

The Sauna

Cleaning Tips For Your Sauna

  • Regularly sweep or vacuum your sauna, and do a deeper clean at least once every month.
  • Always be careful to turn off your sauna in Toronto when cleaning. Working hard in the heat is not advised, and heating up your cleaning supplies could cause them to release toxic chemicals.
  • Make an effort to only use warm water and chemical-free products. A highly powerful and safe cleaning agent is baking soda and water put together.
  • Use fine-grit sandpaper to erase tough, tenacious stains or scuff marks.
  • If you feel the need, pressure washes the interior of your sauna using a wide-patterned nozzle in a low-pressure setting.

Taking Care Of Your Sauna’s Wooden Inside

  • When you buy a sauna, avoid using hard water! You will need to use sanding discs to remove lime buildup, which is brought on by magnesium and calcium salts.
  • Do not use protectants or sealants inside the sauna to prevent the wood from moisture absorption. It is because the heat will cause toxic chemicals to release from these substances.
  • Towels should always be used throughout sessions, and spares should be available for visitors. After each use, immediately wash them.
  • Clean the wooden interior of your sauna on a regular basis with warm water and a soft towel. Thus, the wood will continue to look fresh.
  • If your lumber warranty has expired and the sauna’s wood starts looking faded, simply sand down these areas to touch them up. When you’re done, clear away the wood chips to avoid getting splinters during your subsequent session.

Clean The Sauna Heater

  • Use a mild brush to clean off the sauna heater and rinse them with clean water.
  • While cleaning the sauna heater, make sure the rocks are totally dry before they are placed back in the sauna heater trough.

Clean The Wooden Exterior Of The Sauna

  • If you decide to clean the sauna outside, use a wood-penetrating oil. Also, use a pressure washer that is on low for deep cleaning.
  • If you decide to stain the exterior of your sauna, make sure to do it with a UV-inhibiting chemical to help the wood resist sunlight.

The sauna


Common recommendations and rules you should remember before buying the sauna.

  • Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. Drink a lot of water before, during, and after sessions.
  • If using a traditional sauna, wait until it is thoroughly heated up.
  • Pour water over stones in a traditional sauna to increase the humidity in the air.
  • Add aromatherapy essential oils to the water in a traditional sauna.
  • To remove sweat and toxins from your body, take a shower before and after each session.
  • If using an infrared sauna, be sure to position yourself correctly for the best ray exposure.


The most common misconceptions and practices you should avoid in the sauna are:

  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed when using a sauna.
  • Avoid lingering in the sauna if you feel faint or unwell.
  • In a conventional sauna, only use water or safe aromatherapy blends to pour on the stones.
  • Not for too long with young children in the sauna and near to sauna heater.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry and eyewear.
  • Avoid touching any stones or heating elements.
  • No electronics are allowed in the sauna.


As you begin to use the sauna, you will come to know that your investment is pretty practical. Saunas, whether they are indoor or outdoor, have a variety of health advantages that will leave your body feeling renewed after each soothing session. Therefore, if you are living in Toronto, get your hands on the best quality sauna in Toronto.

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