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Used Petrol Car Vs Diesel Car: How To Choose?

Used Petrol Car Vs Diesel Car

The improved deals in the used automobile market are driving up the number of car purchases. You must choose the performance and characteristics you desire in your vehicle before you start searching for the ideal used vehicle.

Australia is regarded as the world’s largest market for petrol and diesel vehicles, therefore its growing reliance on diesel has raised concerns. According to some research, diesel automobiles are more fuel-efficient and have higher mileage, however many individuals find that the performance and feel of petrol cars are unsurpassed.

As a result, this blog will highlight some notable distinctions between used petrol automobiles and used diesel cars. The below points is to assist potential buyers in making an informed choice.


Diesel vehicles are more expensive than petrol-powered vehicles, but because they age more slowly, they might be a better investment. For example, a showroom price difference of about 1 to 1.5 lakhs could justifiably explain why a diesel variant is more expensive.

A used petrol vehicle will cost you enough to fill it up daily, but driving a diesel vehicle around town instead of stopping at the gas station can save you money.

Engine Power

The durability and long-term reliability of the diesel engine are among its most notable benefits. The cost of car parts is the biggest disadvantage with diesel-powered engines, though.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining certain parts, labor charges to fix them may be high. In this scenario, most people prefer buying a used SUV. The comparatively short lifespan of diesel-powered engines, when compared to petrol-powered automobiles, is another drawback.


Regular auto maintenance should be a habit. However, it can be pricey, so if you don’t want to spend more money on maintenance, you should probably stick with old petrol cars.

However, because they need fewer maintenance and repairs, diesel vehicles are frequently more affordable than petrol cars. They do have fewer parts that require regular maintenance, though. Despite this, not all engines start well because they are not built the same.


Environmental concerns have sparked a resurgence in interest in diesel vehicles. In India, diesel vehicles emit fewer greenhouse gases than petrol vehicles.

The demand for diesel vehicles has, however, decreased as a result of increased emission standards. The city in which you reside is the other most important element. Because some areas (like NCR) have severe smog issues and are riddled with potholes, a diesel automobile may be less likely to sustain damage than a petrol vehicle.

On the other hand, businesses frequently sell diesel at discounted prices or as incentives in remote areas due to the lack of fuel availability.

Insurance Premium

In general, a petrol engine lasts longer than a diesel one. After the initial cost of the car is paid for, it indicates significant cost savings. The price of the car and its parts will be higher when you buy a used diesel vehicle compared to a used petrol vehicle.

As a result, your insurance plan also receives a larger premium. Therefore, the premium for a diesel car may be 10% to 15% higher than for a petrol one.


Your engine will have more power the more fuel you use. Because diesel has a greater energy rating than petrol, you’ll use less petrol to get the same amount of power.

Compared to a car with a petrol engine, this typically results in superior mileage. As a result, for those who frequently travel long distances, diesel-powered automobiles may be a more cost-effective option.

How To Buy Used Petrol Car Or Diesel Car?

It is critical to take your individual demands into account when choosing a used car. For instance, a diesel car can travel long distances in cities with ease. On the other hand, used petrol cars are bulky, strong machines that conveniently shorten your travel time. But if you’re still unsure about your options, choose the top used car provider in Perth as your go-to auto consultant. Find a wide selection of used petrol, diesel, and even electric vehicles at the most affordable prices.

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