UroChart EHR and Urochart EHR for Urology Practices

UroChart EHR software automates clinical tasks and digitizes patient database, thereby increasing clinical productivity. UroChart EHR platform also helps providers maximize their clinical reimbursements by reducing the probability of claim denial. It also allows clients …


UroChart EHR software automates clinical tasks and digitizes patient database, thereby increasing clinical productivity. UroChart EHR platform also helps providers maximize their clinical reimbursements by reducing the probability of claim denial. It also allows clients to prescribe controlled medications and offers support for prescription refills.

Cloud-based system

UroChartEHR is a cloud-based system designed specifically for urology practices. It is designed to streamline workflow and help urologists better manage patients, and it also helps them handle the billing process. It has customizable forms for different types of patients and allows for multi-user access. In addition, it is easy to use and offers physicians and patients a secure chat window.

The Urochart EHR also automates appointment scheduling and provides built-in reminders for patients. This feature ensures greater productivity for practices and increased revenue. The system also provides a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool to help physicians meet with patients remotely. It can also be used to send medical records to patients.

Mobile app

The UroChart EMR mobile app gives urologists easy access to patient records on the go. This app supports iOS and Android devices and includes customizable interfaces. It also works with Windows and macOS. The UroChart EMR is easy to use and has a touch screen interface that makes navigation intuitive. The app also includes a patient portal and scanner for easier patient management. It is also compatible with multiple doctors’ practices.

UroChart is a specialty EHR designed to meet the specific needs of urologists. The software was designed by IntrinsiQ to maximize workflow efficiency and automate daily tasks. This allows urologists to focus more on their practice. Additionally, the system’s open API supports integration with other practice management systems.

Customized templates

UroChart EHR is an award-winning EHR that is customizable and built with urology practices in mind. It offers advanced features such as multi-user access, e-prescriptions, appointment scheduling, and integration with medical billing and document scanners. In addition, it has an intuitive touch-screen interface and customizable note templates. This helps urologists focus on their patients instead of administrative tasks.

This cloud-based electronic medical record system helps urologists stay organized and informed of patients’ histories. It also has a population health module for comparing patient cases to the general population. It also has an online portal that allows two-way communication between doctors and patients. Moreover, the system supports online billing and payment. The touch-screen interface makes it easy to use and speed up clinical processes.

Integration with the inventory management system

The Urochart EHR is a user-friendly cloud-based health record software that is designed for urology practices. The software offers seamless integration with practice management systems, eliminating duplicate workflow and increasing efficiency. Additionally, users can access patient data from multiple devices. This makes the system easy to use for physicians of all experience levels.

The UroChart EHR software is integrated with Cubixx(tm)MD, an inventory management system for multi-location medical practices. This system automatically captures drug dispenses and ensures accurate billing. The software also supports Open API, allowing users to integrate with other practice management systems.

With this system, inventory management is automated, which increases accuracy and allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks. Additionally, it helps minimize wastage and optimize storage costs.

Other Top EMR Software

OneTouch EMR Review

OneTouch EMR, a cloud-based EMR, offers a range of functions and features. It seamlessly integrates with many practice management and billing systems. It includes iPad photos, electronic lab orders, integrated fax, and a fax-to-photo interface. So, it works on all browsers, both desktop, and laptop. It provides customizable templates that can be used for various types of practices, including multi-location practices and small to medium practices.

Provides a physician-friendly interface

OneTouch EMR integrates with the most popular practice management and billing systems to make it easy for physicians. It has many powerful features, including appointment reminders, e–prescribing, lab order capabilities, and e-prescribing. It can be used on any mobile device, including iPhones. The interface is customizable for all practices. It is also Meaningful use certified and can be tailored to meet the billing needs of your practice.

OneTouch EMR’s interface is easy to use and quick. The customizable interface allows physicians to access and manage patient data. It’s flexible and customizable. Users also get professional support. It’s easy to use and requires very little training. OneTouch EMR works with many platforms including iPhone, Android and Mac.

OneTouch EMR, a cloud-based solution that allows practices to manage patient records, is available from the OneTouch EMR website. It can be accessed via desktops, mobile devices and web browsers. It integrates with over 70 vendors and supports CPT and ICD-10 coding. So, it can be integrated with many practice management systems and has electronic prescribing capabilities.

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