Types Of Cheese Knives in 2022

You can cut clean, thin slices, beautiful slices, or cubes of cheese with a knife block set suitable for this product. If you make the wrong choice, you risk crushing soft or hard varieties, which …


You can cut clean, thin slices, beautiful slices, or cubes of cheese with a knife block set suitable for this product. If you make the wrong choice, you risk crushing soft or hard varieties, which is unacceptable for gourmets and statuses. Let’s see which amateur and professional tools cut cheese perfectly.

Universal and special models

Most of the time, cheese is sliced ​​and cubed at home. A classic hard cheese used for sandwiches and entrees. For these purposes, general-purpose multi-functional knives are suitable, such as:

  • Slicer;
  • Universal;
  • Chef;
  • Santoku and others.

Such a traditional type of blade has a traditional handle and a relatively long blade. The cutting edge is usually straight or convex, located below the surface of the handle, which facilitates the cutting of dense cheeses. The surface of the blade can have pressures and bumps that act as air pockets: the cheese does not stick to the surface when cutting. Using a knife with a finely serrated edge is also relevant, as this also helps prevent the pieces from sticking together.

Blades Designed 

Specifically semi-hard cheeses often have holes in the blade surface, which also prevent the product from sticking. Another goal of this design is to avoid flavor mixing since the edge and center of a delicate cheese have different flavor characteristics.

The tip of said knife rises and the prongs come out like small two-pronged forks. This design allows you to precisely slice cheeses with a thicker rim and less dense center. Using the tip, the cut slices are transferred to a plate.

There are also highly specialized models designed not only for cheese but also for a specific type of slicing. For example:

1. Leafy.

It looks like a small spatula with sharp edges. It is used to grate Parmesan and other hard cheeses.

2. Planner.

Similar to a vegetable peeler, it allows you to remove fine chips from hard cheese.

3. With two handles.

A tool in the shape of a saw. Handle on opposite sides of the blade. It is used to cut large heads of cheese.

It’s worth choosing one of these if its purpose matches your goals, and the kit is permanently relevant to you.

Professional cheese cutting tools

In production, as well as in shops and cafes, professional cheese cutters are usually installed, which allow you to cut the product quickly, finely, and evenly. The following types can be found:

1. The lever.

The design has a wide stance with a manual lever. The worker places a head or a large piece of cheese on the support adjusts the width of the “step” and, pressing a lever, rapidly cuts a slice of the same thickness.

2. Strings

Instead of a blade, there is a thick rope attached to a metal or wooden “frame”. When the thread passes through the head, the cheese is cut.

3. Fat knife.

Tête de Moine is a hard cheese, suitable for smoked varieties. The leg of the knife sits in the center of the round board and the head of the cheese threads sits on the leg. The knife attachment is placed on a stick and in a circular motion removes the shavings from the cheese, which are often used as decorative garnishes for dishes.

Cheese Knife Tips

The quality of work and ease of use of the tool depends on its features. When buying, please pay attention to:

  • Blade material: solid high carbon steel or zirconium ceramic is best (for soft and medium hard grades);
  • The presence of holes, reliefs, and a special coating on the blade to prevent the cheese from sticking during cutting;
  • The minimum sharpening angle of the blade for an easy and regular cut;
  • The length of the knife should correspond to the size of the cheese block or head.
  • Handle with non-slip coating or embossed markings for a secure grip.

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