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Top Crypto Exchanges in India to Know About

Crypto Exchanges in India
Top Crypto Exchanges in India to Know About

There are various crypto exchanges in India as the interest for buying, selling or trading crypto has been increasing among the citizens for quite some time. Some platforms have been operational since the beginning, when crypto investing or trading was not so popular. Other exchanges have only been established a while ago and may surpass the older ones in one aspect or another.

Therefore, if you want to buy or trade crypto assets, you need to be sure that you choose a suitable platform. To find the best crypto exchange in India, you need to about some of the popular ones and the features they offer, as seen below.

It is crucial to take your time and look for an exchange that ticks all the right boxes for you in terms of the features offered and also one that prioritizes your security.

Crypto Exchanges in India – UnoCoin

UnoCoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. It is also one of the most prominent ones, thanks to the availability of high-end features that aim to make crypto investing and trading easier for everyone.

This exchange is not only limited to buying or trading crypto but also allows the users to sell and store the crypto they own. UnoCoin has an impressive collection of tradeable digital assets, which is more than 80.

Some of the other highlighting attributes of the exchange are mentioned below. You can take a look at what it has to offer and determine if it is the best crypto exchange in India for you or not.

  • It also supports over-the-counter (OTC) trades.
  • It caters the needs of more than 2 million registered users.
  • It launched first-of-its-kind systematic buying plans (SBP) for BTC and ETH.
  • It offers more than 40 UnoCoin Wallets.
  • It supports the lending feature.
  • The minimum deposit amount is not so high and is only INR 1,000.
  • Users can diversify their portfolios by using Crypto Basket feature.
  • Users have to pay a very low fee of 0.5% to purchase or sell BTC.
  • Users of the exchange who have a gold level membership can enjoy lower transaction fees and higher limits for buying or selling.


ZebPay is a unique crypto exchange that is quite popular among the crypto investors in the country. It is one of the top crypto exchanges in India that is majorly known for earning interest on crypto holdings that are left idle on the exchange.

This exchange is known to facilitate a vast audience, which is around 5 million registered users. There is a fixed return from the exchanges side that is awarded for crypto lending.

The fee structure of the exchange is also based on the market maker and taker fee model and is known to be one of the lowest available. It offers several rewards and cashback offers to the users as well.

Here are some of the features of ZebPay that can help you determine if this is the best crypto exchange in India for you.

  • It is one of the best exchanges for day trading.
  • It offers educational material to users.
  • It supports more than 100 digital assets.
  • The level of security offered is high and impressive.
  • Users can lend digital assets such as Binance Coin, BTC, Polygon and ETH.
  • Users can make fast payments.


WazirX is one of the top and most impressive crypto exchanges in India for several reasons. One of the reasons being that it is supported by the world-renown Binance global. This is one of the fastest growing exchanges in the country and now offers its services to over 6 million registered users.

This exchange has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it a suitable exchange for every kind of user. It is available for both Android and iOS users and offers a referral program to the users as well.

This can be the best crypto exchange in India for you if the following features match your criteria.

  • It also supports smart token fund (STF).
  • It has a native token called WRX, which can be bought with INR and exchanged later.
  • It implements high-end security systems and requires users to complete the KYC verifications.
  • It supports an impressive mobile application that has several outstanding features.
  • It supports more than 200 digital currencies.
  • There is educational material available for users.
  • Users can invest in USD, INR and BTC.
  • Users can make P2P transactions.


If you are interested in stepping into the crypto space you need to know the various crypto exchanges in India. If you know about your available options and what they offer then determining which one is the most suitable exchange for you can be easier. As a new crypto investor or trader you need to know the details mentioned above.

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