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Study Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students for Free

Study Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students for Free
Study Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students for Free

Study Abroad

A significant career milestone is going abroad to study. You get to learn from some of the world’s top minds. According to overseas education consultants, both the field of knowledge and the career expand. However, in terms of practicality, studying abroad is also highly expensive. Since there are numerous steps, the financial aspect predominates. So, let’s check study abroad scholarships for Indian students for free.

Study Abroad Scholarships

But what if we told you that there are scholarships out there that would allow you to study abroad for nothing? That is definitely doable. Numerous publicly sponsored and privately financed scholarships provide students this wonderful chance. The top scholarships available to qualified students are given here.

Making the right choice to study abroad could be quite advantageous. The lowest score requirement—just 5.5 to 6.5—for admission to the best universities is offered by studying overseas, making it the greatest choice for Indian students. In addition, getting a 6.5 occasionally, especially on the first try, could be very challenging. Instead of wasting time on IELTS examinations, which can occasionally take a lot of time and leave students feeling bad about themselves later, give Indian counselors advice about studying abroad. To acquire IELTS preparation without breaking the budget, enroll in the top IELTS coaching in Agra programme.

Study Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students

Scholarship for National Travel

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment offers this scholarship, which benefits SC students as well as members of landless labor groups and nomadic tribes. The eligible class may apply for this one if they are under 35, interested in pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. programme, and their family’s annual income is less than $8 Lakhs. Additionally, he must have received more than 60% on the qualifying exam. This bill includes everything, including tuition fees and travel costs. On the Ministry’s website, you may find out more information.

India’s GREAT Scholarships for Study Abroad

For students who wish to enroll in their institution, a few scholarships are offered by the foreign university itself. This particular scholarship is offered by UK academic institutions to students from India. To qualify for this prize, the applicant must be an Indian student and have a strong academic record. He should have a strong GMAT and IELTS score as well as a strong interest in the field of study. The highest amount provided is $10,000, and all costs, including the tuition price and travel allowance, are paid.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The UK government offers this scholarship to Commonwealth citizens who would not otherwise be able to afford to study there. For all of the Commonwealth’s member nations, this is available. If a student meets the requirements, he or she may choose to enroll in a Ph.D. or Master’s degree. Under this plan, the university will assume responsibility for all costs, including living expenses.

Cornell University Tata Scholarship

The Cornell University and Tata organizations worked together to create this scholarship. Indian students are eligible for fully subsidized international studies at Cornell University. If you have already been admitted to Cornell University based on your grades and background, you are eligible for the benefits of this programme. The applicant must possess extensive topic expertise and be unable to cover his studies fees in any other way.

University of New South Wales India Scholarship

The University of New South Wales in Sydney offers this scholarship to Indian students who wish to study undergraduate or graduate studies there. The university offers $10,000 to scholars who aspire to attend college. However, the university provides some discounts for engineering courses that need an additional price. Only after being admitted to the university may you submit an application for this scholarship.

These were the top scholarships available to Indian students, making it simple for them to further their education and study abroad for nothing.

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