7 skills your resume must have before applying for a job

Human resources managers in today’s businesses, especially at large organizations, receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes daily. So, it stands to reason that an average HR Manager who has to go through all these …

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Human resources managers in today’s businesses, especially at large organizations, receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes daily. So, it stands to reason that an average HR Manager who has to go through all these resumes would not take the time to read through each one individually. 

To improve their odds of getting hired, job-seekers should approach the process of making their resumes strategically.

Skills for a resume is one of the most fundamental sections in any professional resume and I doubt you’d be able to find Resume Templates that omit this part. This is because a hiring manager will only consider candidates who have the necessary expertise for the position they are filling.

However, you’re setting yourself up for failure if your resume only includes the bare minimum skills required for the position you want. “Just doing the work” isn’t enough, as any expert will tell you. This simply means that HR managers anticipate seeing the essential skills they need for the position being sought; but the skills that can add extra value to your resume are those that demonstrate your professional work ethic and intangible abilities, also known as soft skills for a resume.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 transferable skills that will open more doors for you in the workplace. So let’s get started.

Ability to work with computers

Having computer skills on a resume is advantageous, but it is also one of those areas where the term “skills” can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Understanding a specific computer language is not mandatory to list computer skills in the section reserved for skills for a resume. It could also show that the candidate has in-depth expertise with a particular piece of software and could increase output by either sharing that expertise with others or putting it to good use themselves.

However, listing “Computer Proficiency” as one of your skills isn’t enough. Describe some additional outcomes that resulted from employing said competence. This is how the resume summary section should read:

“Improved {Organization’s name}’s production by 16% by using Oracle and Computer Efficiency for database administration.”


It’s risky to put Leadership on a resume as a skill. Mainly because it’s not something you just say you have, instead must be repeatedly shown. Therefore, your submission should follow the same format.

“Lead {Oragnization name} through the 2020 corona related, economic downfall minimizing furloughs and ensuring employment for hundreds of workers.”


The ability to communicate effectively is a must-have for any job application. The ability to converse is only one aspect of communication. A person’s professional success or failure hinges on this skill. Any interaction with other people, whether with peers or superiors, requires effective communication. Display your extraordinary communication skills for a resume by mentioning accomplishing something remarkable through this ability. 

” Ability to communicate and persuade corporate, allowed me to secure raises for the entire department to the result of raised office morale.”

Organization Skills for a resume

Workplace organization is different from domestic organization. To be clear, we’re discussing effective workplace management and not a household organization.

“Rearranging office hours for several groups was made possible by adept organizational skills. improving efficiency by 20% while reducing late arrivals by 23%”

Capabilities in Interpersonal Skills

If you want to advance in your career, knowing how to communicate with people from all walks of life is an indispensable soft skill to include on your resume.

“I was able to get ahead of the competition thanks to my people skills, specifically my ability to keep in touch with Sales and Engineering.”

One can use this skill to bring together individuals who might not normally interact and help them form a cordial but friendly rapport. Being able to influence others through your words and demeanor is essential. Have you ever spoken to someone in a varied group who managed to hold everyone’s attention while speaking? That person exemplifies interpersonal skills.


A resume highlighter essentially means “works well with others” which is crucial to success in any field.

“Collaboration Talent helped me build bridges between our development and quality assurance teams, to the result of an output greater than what would have been achieved had they worked separately.”

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