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Rideshare car insurance requirements in California

Rideshare car insurance

If you are planning on working with a transport network company in California then you must know that you need to get your rideshare insurance California add-on. Now you can get rideshare insurance from your current auto insurance provider or you can also get this insurance from the company itself. There are a few companies working in California like Uber who can easily provide you rideshare insurance CA without you needing to sign an additional policy. Now first let us tell you about the different periods and the coverage you would get if you have an exclusive rideshare insurance plan.

  • Period 0 is when your ridesharing application is off and you are using your vehicle for personal use. At this time your personal auto insurance is active. You can get up to $150,000 worth of coverage in case of an accident during this period.
  • Period 1 is when your rideshare app is on and you are waiting for a ride. Rideshare insurance in California is active during this time. You can get $50,000 worth of personal injury coverage and up to $100,000 worth of liability coverage during this period in case of an accident.
  • Period 2 of the ride share California is the time when you are on your way to pick the passenger. Around this period if you get into an accident you can claim up to $1 million depending on the damages. This amount of coverage is why people tend to get rideshare insurance from California add-ons.
  • Period 3 is the time when you are driving your passenger to their desired drop-off location. This period ends when the ride ends. The same coverage is offered as that of period 2. If you want to get all sorts of liability coverage then you need to get the best insurance for rideshare.

Vehicle requirements for Rideshare Insurance California 

Here are some of the requirements that you need to complete if you want to get rideshare insurance in California.

  1. Your car must have four doors. Along with this, your car needs to have a capacity for at least five to eight passengers.
  2. Your car must be licensed in California and should have CA license plates. The car should already be insured for a personal insurance plan in CA.
  3. Your car should never be classified as rebuilt or modified.
  4. The car vehicle model should be higher than 2001. This requirement is different in different cities of the state so you need to check with your insurance provider.
  5. A very important rideshare insurance California requirement is that your vehicle must pass annual inspection criteria. Before you get this insurance you need to get your car inspected.
  6. The car should also have a working air conditioner and windows.

These are the few requirements that your car needs to complete if you want to get it insured. Know that if you don’t complete these requirements then you cannot get rideshare insurance California nor you can sign up with a rideshare company.

You should always try to get in touch with the Best Rideshare  Insurance California Company.

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