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Outdoor Adventure Subscription Boxes: Pros and Cons


The subscription e-commerce sector is estimated to be worth more than $10 billion. And this figure is rapidly increasing. Subscription eCommerce sales reached $1.2 billion in 2014, demonstrating an exponential rise in only five years. 

Without question, subscription boxes are all the rage these days. There’s a box for everyone and each hobby, from cuisine to fashion to relaxation. With their gorgeous wrapping and air of novelty and anticipation, these auto-shipped boxes can provide an array of whatever you want, whether it’s clean beauty, food, pet supplies, or even an outdoor adventure subscription box. 

Here are some pros and cons of outdoor adventure subscription boxes. 


1. It’s an Easy and Simple Way to Promote New Products and Services 

Businesses are increasingly using subscription boxes to market new products or services. Companies may get consumers enthusiastic about their brand and establish customer loyalty by giving them a monthly basket of goodies. On the other hand, subscription boxes can be used to market new items or services. 

Businesses may introduce clients to new offers and entice them to try something they might not have tried otherwise by providing new things in each box. This may be an excellent approach to advertise new product releases or increase sales of existing goods. 

Furthermore, businesses may persuade clients to purchase more from them in the future by placing coupon codes or special offers in the box. Subscription boxes, in the end, are a diverse marketing tool that may be used to advertise new services or products. 

2. Higher Return on Customer Acquisition Expenses 

When your customers purchase subscription services, they implicitly support your business repeatedly. Keeping your subscribers happy will ensure a steady stream of recurring revenue from repeat customers.  

Your customer lifetime value (CLTV) increases the longer a subscriber stays loyal to your brand. Consequently, your acquisition spending is more efficient, providing you with greater profit margins. 

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3. Faster Feedback Loop 

Subscription retailers can continually get client feedback with steady recurring orders. They’ll be more aware of any challenges, allowing them to deal with them as they emerge.  

The top subscription companies will learn from customer input and utilize it to improve their goods. This will encourage your present clients to stay loyal and help you build your reputation and attract new members. 

4. Lower Retention Spend 

Of course, having your clients automatically ‘purchase’ from you regularly reduces the need to target them with intensive remarketing. Subscribers who pledge to payments are less likely to switch, so retention marketing doesn’t have to eat into your budget. 

5. Improved Inventory Management 

Determining how much inventory you need to maximize profit and minimize waste in a standard eCommerce company model may be difficult and costly. On the other hand, inventory management is another ballgame when it comes to subscription eCommerce. 

You know how many subscribers you have and how much stock you need as a subscription retailer. There is less chance of uncertainty in your fulfillment. As a result, you can confidently forecast demand and supply, making your company operations far more constant. 

Merchants can manage and prepare an appropriate quantity of inventory well in advance. You can place advance orders with suppliers and delivery providers, perhaps getting a discount or ‘early bird prices.

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1. Stagnation 

If the box isn’t tightly matched to the consumer’s demands, they’re more likely to opt-out of the service and re-engaging those consumers might be difficult. Some subscription box providers don’t appear to try for as much variety as others, so a consumer expecting fresh new things every month may be disappointed.

When it boils down to it, many of the most devoted subscription box subscribers will stop buying if they don’t like the products they receive. 

2. Keeping Things Novel 

The main difficulty for subscription box providers is to make shifting items new and appealing to returning customers—and to keep them at the proper size. Nobody wants an abundance of cravings or beauty items they don’t need. Several argue it is difficult to cancel a subscription box service, and controversies have given some subscription box providers a terrible image. 

3. Competition

Subscription boxes are springing up everywhere. It’s critical to figure out what niches haven’t been covered by the subscription box model—the risk of oversaturation is considerably higher. Therefore, you could be entering a much more competitive industry. 

4. High Rate of Cancellation

When launching a company, customer attrition is always a factor to consider. Sadly, the subscription business model is no exception. If you’re launching a new subscription service, you’ll need to plan for client turnover and what you’ll do to avoid excessive cancellation rates.  

You could try to retain clients by continually introducing new items, giving excellent customer service, and making it simple for them to cancel if they choose.

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Making it more difficult for consumers to cancel will make them detest your company even more. They may even share negative criticism about your company, driving away more clients. Instead, make the cancellation process as straightforward as feasible. 



Subscription boxes are a great way for companies to engage with their consumers and advertise their products. They are suitable for collaborations and partnerships due to their high scalability and flexibility. Subscription boxes are a terrific method to keep your customers connected with your business and may quickly enhance brand knowledge and loyalty. Consider implementing a subscription box approach if you’re hunting for a fresh way to reach out to your consumers and advertise your items. 


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