Ways to Optimized Your Computer for Gaming Mode

Closing background applications and disabling auto updates can increase the frame rates on your games. Check out more topics in this blog. Gaming on a laptop or PC is not as simple as turning on …


Closing background applications and disabling auto updates can increase the frame rates on your games. Check out more topics in this blog.

Gaming on a laptop or PC is not as simple as turning on your console to have a solid gaming session. There are many adjustments and tweaks you may have to make to run a game at peak performance. Otherwise, you may face delayed loading and glitches.

The tips in this blog are not just for gamers. Even professionals who need to work on PCs and laptops can make good use of these tips too. So, whether you are an aspiring Twitch streamer or someone who works at an IT support company, you can benefit from this blog. These tips will help you get optimum performance from your Windows machines.

Close Background Applications

Your computer’s RAM, processing power, and other resources are shared between applications. And when you have multiple applications open in the background, the game of your choice may not get you the optimum experience. Even the harmless-looking open tabs on your browser can eat up the resources of your RAM. So, it is best to just close the browser and the rest of the applications. Your game will run smoother after doing so.

Turn On the Gaming Mode

A simple way to enhance the gaming experience on your PC is to turn on the gaming mode. The gaming mode is available on Windows 10 and Windows 11. This mode prioritizes in-game performance and enhances the frame rate of the games you play.

  • Here’s how you can turn on the gaming mode:
  • Press Windows + I together to enter Windows settings.
  • Click on the gaming tab with the Xbox icon.
  • Press the game mode tab on the next menu.
  • Toggle the switch for the game mode and that’s it.

The gaming mode is worth exploring for gamers as it provides you with plenty of options like recording at your desired frames and more. This mode and the options it comes with are worth checking out.

Disable Auto Updates

The OS of your computer is generally set to auto-update by default. But you can tweak these settings too. Generally, it’s not a good thing to pause updates but there is a logical reason for it while gaming. The downloading of new OS updates can affect network strength. When you are playing online multiplayer games like Apex Legends or Valorant, background downloads can affect the gameplay. So, pausing the notifications may be the better option.

Follow these simple steps to pause updates on your Windows PC:

  • Press Windows and I together to enter Windows settings.
  • Select the Update and Security option on the settings screen.
  • Choose the Windows Update option on the left side.
  • Click on pause updates for the next seven days.

If your PC is on the auto restart setting, you can change that too from these settings.

  • Press the Advanced Options mentioned below the option to pause updates.
  • Toggle off the button under the “Restart this device as soon…” option.

It is best to only pause updates before gaming sessions. Otherwise, you should allow the installation of auto updates. The reason is that these updates keep your PC safe from harm.

Disable Notifications

When you are in an intense match, notifications can be very annoying. The distraction may even cost you a match in many cases. So, it is better to disable the notifications when you are gaming. Take the following steps to disable notifications:

  • Press Windows + I key together.
  • Click the System option.
  • Select the Focus Assists tab on the left.
  • Turn on the toggle of “when I am playing a game option”.

For non-gamers, you can explore other options on this screen to improve focus, or just to get rid of annoying notifications.

Tweak Graphics and Frame Rates

When it comes to the performance of a game, you have to make the crucial decision of whether to prioritize better frames or graphics. Generally, it is better to find a golden ratio where you can enjoy high-quality visuals and smooth gaming performance.

But if you don’t have a high-end gaming PC, you may have to compromise on the graphics for the sake of frames. Just go to the in-game settings and lower the graphics to play faster. For example, lowering 4K to 720p resolution can make a massive difference in running a particular game smoothly.

Install Apps That Prevent Unwanted Resource Usage

Even when you close the background apps, many apps can still be hungry for RAM. One way to reduce the usage of resources is to install an app that helps you control which applications have access to your RAM and other valuable resources. So, there is a lot of help you can get with optimizing your device’s resources.

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