Maintain a Social Media Calendar

Maintain a Social Media Calendar The main benefit of creating and keeping a social media calendar is that you won’t ever miss posts on significant dates. With a calendar, you can decide at the beginning …

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Maintain a Social Media Calendar

The main benefit of creating and keeping a social media calendar is that you won’t ever miss posts on significant dates. With a calendar, you can decide at the beginning of the year when you will know which days are most important to you, and also require excellent marketing strategies and advertising copies.

For instance, if you’re in the field of producing sanitary tissue for women, you can’t afford to skip posting on women’s day, environmental day, sanitation day, etc.

In addition, you can also use an analytics tool in conjunction and your schedule to track the effectiveness of each of the mixture of articles. This will help you know which posts are most popular and how much engagement they get in terms of shares, likes, comments, and shares. What type of Content is the most well-liked by your users? Are they watching videos or images or live streams? You could also seek advantage with SEO tools to determine how your SEO initiatives are achieved click here.

Mix Various kinds of Content

Using the social media calendar will also monitor what kinds of posts are becoming tiresome and determine if you should alter the Content.

Make your Facebook page or group with various media. You can use photos, thoughtfully written posts, videos, Facebook Stories or links, and a live stream to promote your Content.

If a specific kind of Content is working for you, keep making it better, but don’t neglect other aspects.

Optimize Your Page for Mobile

And you’d like an active audience for your posts. It’s therefore vital to mobile-optimize your page as well as your Content. The size of your images, fonts, and thumbnail images will be different on the phone’s screen than on your laptop.

Additionally, features such as “Messenger” is a mobile-only application developed by Facebook to send messages to your family and friends directly. Therefore, it must look attractive to mobile users if you wish to send messages to your customers, directing them to new posts or events on your page.

Leverage Video Content

In addition to the previous note on mobile optimization’s importance, let’s look at a second stat.

Mobile-friendly video ads account for more than 50% of Facebook’s revenue from videos. (Sprout Social)

The engagement on Facebook is most for mobile-first video as more and more users switch to using the platform through their smartphones.

Another aspect to consider is that most viewers view videos with no sound. Although you shouldn’t forget to include sound in your videos, the absence of sound makes it more essential to make your video’s Content memorable and attractive. Additionally, the addition of subtitles is vital if your video contains any dialogue within it.

A study by Buffer discovered that square videos have higher Facebook engagement than the landscape format by about 35 percent. Square videos receive more likes as well as comments than landscape videos.

Encourage Employee Advocacy

People trust what they hear. This means that products from any brand are purchased only if they have excellent reviews from customers followerspro.

To increase the reach of your organic Content, it is possible to ask employees to be vocal almost in a way about upcoming events and other events in the business. This could be the introduction of a new product or service and their experience of it, an exciting debate they’re eager to be a part of or attend, and so on.

Prioritize Customer Relationships

Ensure every post or question on your Facebook page or group is left unanswered. It’s true that when they find a position they like, they’re likely to engage with the author by leaving comments.

Businesses or brands that respond to their customers always get more engagement than those that do not. This is because responding to their messages or comments signifies that you are interested enough to be attentive to their needs. Always remain formal, polite, and courteous to your customers.

Shorter Posts

This isn’t enough; however, that’s how long you can get your audience’s attention. So, any piece of Content you create should be attractive, and the message must be short, engaging, and straightforward.

Your primary goal is to create good content to draw their attention and get them to stop scrolling.


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