How to Use Image to Text Converter?

While dealing with images, sometimes you can feel the need to grab the text from those images and use it for further aims. Take an example of a situation where you have to create a …

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While dealing with images, sometimes you can feel the need to grab the text from those images and use it for further aims. Take an example of a situation where you have to create a blog post and spice it up with excellent points. You find yourself stuck at such a moment and have clear inspiration from an infographic. But as the deadline is about to hit you up, there is no way to write that whole stuff down manually. Well! It is the case where converting that pic to text using a good image to text converter tool or program online. Bang! In this post, we will talk about how you can use these converters on the go. Read on!


Simple Methods to Use Photo to text Converter

The people who might not know about how image to text conversion works must know that in the last couple of years, the tech-aura got an exciting lift when we got introduced to OCR (optical character recognition). It is a process or system that is automated by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and holds the capability to interpret textual context from an image. Well! Below, all the ways mentioned are generally linked with OCR-based online tools and programs that work as an image to text converter by and let you get text from image online in seconds. Take a look: 


Use Google Docs to Pull out Text from Images

Google Docs is a very useful tool for making your life easier. One of its best features is the ability to convert pic to text. It can be useful for anyone who needs to copy text from images but doesn’t have a scanner on their smartphone. A user can do this by launching a Google Docs application or web-based portal on their preferred device. Once they upload their desired image on the Google doc panel and open it with doc format, they can easily make the entire image editable.  

Use Photo to Text Conversion Tools 

One of the best answers to query how to copy text from a picture is through online tools. Today, the web is teeming with tons of top-notch pic to word converter tools that are friendly enough to help users get their tasks done on the go. Most of the tools work on the Drag and Drop options, allowing you to select photos from Google Drive, DropBox, or even upload images via URL. Once you drop the input query, you have to click on the convert button on any image-to-text converter you prefer. After that, wait for at least 30 seconds – so that the system completely drags the text from that image in its side panel. 


Use a Reliable Image to Text Apps On Android and iOS.

Image to Text apps are great for scanning text from images. They can be used on both Android and iOS to copy text from images, but some are more reliable than others. However, all work on the same method. The people who have to travel constantly and prefer to have one-click applications to get their tasks done can also consider image to text converter apps on their phones and other portable devices.


Add PNG to Text Extractor Extensions

Yet another luxury-grade method of using image to text converter is via online extensions. PC and Laptop users can consider this method as they can use it with their browser and convert image to text in one click. The best thing is these extensions offer a user-friendly and 100% distraction-free setting that helps users stay focused and get their preferred tasks done on the go. These apps come with tons of features, such as multi-language and format support, PDF to Word converter tools, and even other OCR features. 


Final Words

With the evolving OCR technology, people who prefer to stay organized in their textual work and wish to extract text from their images to save time must consider the above-mentioned methods. If you haven’t yet used these image to text converter tools and programs, try them and share your experience. 

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