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How to Design Color Schemes For Your Custom Soap Boxes

Custom Soap Boxes

Design is the most important aspect of your custom packaging. Many times, design details will go overlooked and cause detriment in the long run for your brand. These details include the color schemes, fonts, printing, etc. All these aspects of your custom box designs will make or break your sales. In the hygiene industry, it is imperative that you create a design that encapsulates a trustworthy brand image. Consumers want to feel a sense of security by looking at your products. The way to do that is to create branding that is complete and aesthetically pleasing. Well, look no further than Custom Soap Boxes to serve all your packaging needs! 

Custom soap packaging is the best solution for all your design problems. However, the design process is what determines how complete your packaging will look. So here is a guide to creating packaging that will leave a long-lasting and positive impression on your potential customers. 


Without thinking about anything else, you need to decide your color scheme while keeping your logo at the forefront of your mind. Your logo is the most important visual aspect of your packaging. Hence, you should make sure your color scheme is highlighting it rather than causing distraction from it. Your custom soap boxes should focus the consumer’s attention onto the logo and the color scheme should make it look more vibrant. 

You need to focus on details like the font that the logo uses and what color the logo uses. Certain colors do not do well with certain others, you need to keep a lookout for these design errors. Now that we have identified your brand’s logo as top priority, you should start thinking around those terms. Identify colors that will not only go well with your logo but compliment it. 

Box Sizes

The next step to choose a color scheme is to think in terms of the box size. Some colors are far more abrasive than others, for example bright colors can be quite an eyesore in long stretches of time. Imagine a large box that is colored bright orange, it may induce more stress than comfort for customers. 

The size of your box is paramount to your color scheme choices. Some colors are loud and very disruptive where other colors are soft and soothing. This is why most large boxes will use soft colors like white or brown. Black tends to make things look smaller when used as a solid fill so it can be used well for larger boxes. However, you should couple black with another color like white to not make it look too much smaller.

You can mold your custom soap boxes into any shape or size, so while deciding  the color scheme you should make sure you have options for different sizes. Thinking of your color schemes proactively will help the design process go much smoother than otherwise. 

Color Psychology

When you choose a color scheme for your custom soap packaging, you should know what different colors say about your brand. Here is a guide that outlines the most important colors and how they represent your Business brand. 


White is the most minimalist option your brand can go for. You can show off your product in a classy way which allows for the product to speak for itself. White is a popular choice amongst hygiene brands as it can be coupled with any color to create an elegant look. 

White also allows for more readability with text and relevant information printed on your custom soap  boxes. 


Black signifies sophistication and authority for your brand. Like white, you can couple black with almost any color to make it look very elegant. It also adds a sense of luxury to your product. Using metalized fonts on matte black gives a very royal look to your brand. 


Red signifies a lot more than just anger. It adds the feeling of excitement and passion to your product packaging. Consumers will feel more strongly toward your products if you use the color red. However, make sure to not over-do it as it can be an abrasive color. 


Blue is a very tranquil color to use for your packaging. It is one of the most comforting colors for consumers and does not disrupt. Furthermore, it also signifies dependability, making a positive impact on your potential customers. It is also simply a very pretty color to look at, I mean, who doesn’t like shades of blue?


Green is the perfect color to represent eco-friendly packaging. It also represents your product in a healthy way. Green has a significant impact on consumers as they will always relate it to health and environmental awareness. This is a great option for custom soap boxes as it exudes the feeling of healthiness.


Brown is at times a difficult color to use,. However, with brown packaging, you can signify that the material used is eco-friendly and recyclable. This can also have a great impact on your potential customers. 


Pink is one of the best colors to use for your custom soap boxes if your brand is targeting the beauty industry as well. It signifies beauty and elegance, especially when coupled with white. Pink is a very popular color in the cosmetics industry, with many large brands using it very often. This makes it a good option to display your soap as makeup-friendly, which will bring in a new demographic of consumers. 


The color purple is used for items deemed as luxury. This color will convey a message of exclusivity and luxury to your potential customers. Accented with gold or silver, purple looks elegant yet subtle.


This was a guide to help you make the right decisions while designing your custom soap boxes. Although there are more factors, focusing on these initially will get you on the right track to decide the perfect color palette. 

Picking out a color scheme is much more meticulous than it looks. It takes proper planning to pick out colors that all blend well together and compliment your brand. 

Interested in custom soap boxes? Look no further than Global Custom Packaging! With the help of our professional designers, you can find the perfect color palettes for your brand. To request a quote, contact us anytime via email at [email protected] or call us at +1 (425) 214 9690.

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