How To Choose the Right Packing Tape?

Packing adhesive tape, or as it is also called, packing tape is a tool with a wide variety of applications. Depending on the width of the strip, material, and other aspects, adhesive tape is used …

packing tape

Packing adhesive tape, or as it is also called, packing tape is a tool with a wide variety of applications. Depending on the width of the strip, material, and other aspects, adhesive tape is used in various fields. It has so many applications that it has become an important part of our lives. It is important to understand its types and the process of getting the right one for yourself.

There is foil, metalized, reinforced, paper, painting, polypropylene, and bilateral types. The packaging version traditionally has the widest profile.


Adhesive packaging transparent tape has the following characteristics:

  • Adhesive base on one side.
  • Width – 48 mm.
  • Roll length – 200 meters.
  • Increased strength.

Also, the main advantages of such a tool include reliability and ease of use. It is these factors that contributed to such a high versatility of the custom packing tape. It is used everywhere. And besides, it does not have any toxicity parameters and does not affect food products. So, it is suitable for basically everything that you want to pack.


In fact, they are limitless. But we will take only the most basic and popular:

  • Goods packaging. Any store that sells products, any warehouse that receives them, must have at its disposal enough packaging tape. What to say about packaging at points of production? Narrow tape is used for packaging corrugated cardboard, bags, and small boxes. Wider options for medium boxes, crates, or parcels. And a wide tape of 48 mm is suitable for all the above, as well as for large boxes, and large-sized objects, such as decorative containers.
  • Office needs and needlework. Banal gluing of pieces of paper, sealing paper products, restoration after damage, and so on. And, in the field of decoration.
  • Waterproofing and thermal insulation during repairs of some types of sanitary ware.
  • Protection against opening packages, boxes, and other packages.
  • Protection against moisture and contamination of almost any surface capable of adhering to the adhesive base.
  • If its of good quality, you can basically use it to pack anything and everything.

How to choose packing tape?

The choice of this product is very extensive. If you need adhesive packaging tape, you can buy it both in online stores and offline points, both wholesale and retail. But due to the versatility of the tape, its consumption is usually very high. At the same time, as many types of packing tapes have been explained, you should understand which one to use for your needs.

Especially if you use it for its intended purpose. The packaging of goods. It is mostly used for packing and moving from one place to another. Therefore, the most advantageous option would be to buy adhesive packaging tape in bulk.

When choosing products, pay attention to:

  • Manufacturing company. The best option would be well-known brands
  • Speed, cost, and geography of delivery. Obviously, if the company has delivery only in New York, and you live in St. Petersburg, this is not your option. Efficiency also matters. Please note that good brands, at least in their city, provide free shipping for large orders.
  • Directory size. This is an indirect factor indicating the quality of products. The wider the general catalog of the company, the more product lines, and the more serious the brand is the project.
  • Roll length. Less than 150 meters is not a very convenient length, you will constantly have to print a new roll. Ideally – 200 meters.
  • Well, the most important factor. To get a product at a loyal price, contact the company that sells the product in bulk.


Make sure that you analyze all the important factors while choosing a packing tape. Because if you miss out on them. Then, you will regret it later. So, choose wisely.

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