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How Should A Letter Of GST Revocation Be Formatted?

GST Registration
GST Registration

Entities that are registered for GST are permitted to cancel their registration and re-register for GST within sixty days after the cancellation date by submitting a GST revocation letter, which is also popularly known as the Revival of Supplies.

To be processed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the entity that wishes to cancel its registration must download the form, complete it, and sign it. The form may be obtained on the website of the Australian Tax Office (ATO). However, before you send in your letter of revocation, make sure you are completely familiar with the proper formatting!

Be sure to identify your client

GST101 must be filled out and signed in order to cancel GST registration. Spaces to enter the date of the cancellation and your signature are provided on the form. You must also inform us of the end date in writing.

By signing here, you confirm that you no longer operate as a business entity in Australia and are no longer registered for GST. In the event that you are under investigation or if we have reason to think that you have discontinued trade in order to evade payment of taxes or other penalties required by law, you will not be able to cancel your registration.

Insert the Name of Their Business

XYZ Company has an Australian Business Number and GST registration. I now provide notification that I want to cancel my registration for GST in Australia. It is on the day I informed you of my intention to terminate this Agreement that I would no longer be a GST-registered person.

Also, as of that day, I am no longer providing any services or items that are subject to taxation under the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999, and this letter serves as my formal notice to you of that fact. Company XYZ’s current tax period ends on March 31, 2018, with complete tax returns due on May 27, 2018. As a result, our Agreement will expire on the same day that Company XYZ’s registration is canceled.

Share Your Contact Information

Send a letter, email, or fax to the IRD to cancel your GST registration. Don’t forget to include in: Give me your full name and mailing address. The last day of business for your company. The time and date that this alert was issued. Confirmation that your company has closed down (e.g. an IRD 28 cancellation notice).

Including their contact information, Too

Following your contact information (name, address, and signature), here are some points to consider when you draft your GST Revocation Letter:

  • It all starts off on the date of the revocation notice.
  • Include a statement that your notification of cancellation of registration is being sent.
  • Make sure people know how to get in touch with you (name, address and phone number)
  • As of right now, I am providing notice that I want to cancel my status as an input tax seller.
  • You or someone else on your behalf may sign this.

Create an Outline for Your GST Revocation Letter

A GST revocation letter is a formal letter from the company to the government announcing that the GST Return Filing Services
has been canceled. If you want to cancel your GST registration, you must contact your regional ATO office and ask that you be removed from their database.

You’ll need to provide them with details like your ABN, start and end dates for registration, and the day you want to be removed from their books in order to do this. You must confirm receipt of this vital document by emailing a copy to the recipient.

Don’t Dawdle, Get Right to the Heart of the Matter

GST: what is it? Goods and Services Tax is abbreviated as GSTR. Like VAT, GSTR is a consumption tax that is typically paid by the final consumer. However, the Commodities and Services Tax (GST) is applied differently to purchases and sales of different goods and services.

Some examples of this activity include doing business in India and importing a few specific items as well as selling a few specific items. Who needs to get themselves registered for GST? In order to collect GST from the government, any businesses that engage in the aforementioned actions must first register.

In what ways may I deregister from GST? To revoke your registration, just write an email or letter to the appropriate government agency. Clearly stating your intent to do so and include your name, PAN. And the address to which you’d want us to deliver your paperwork.

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