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To embody the idea of SEO it’s miles crucial to deal with it intensively and apprehend the way it works. In summary, search engines like to google score web pages primarily based on their satisfaction, …

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To embody the idea of SEO it’s miles crucial to deal with it intensively and apprehend the way it works. In summary, search engines like to google score web pages primarily based on their satisfaction, relevance, and authority.

To carry out this assessment, several criteria are considered and it’s far envisioned that there are extra than two hundred! We propose to explore the primary ones, keeping apart them into 3 classes: on-site and stale-web page positioning, and personally enjoy. In the quit, SEO will have no more secrets for you!

ON-SITE search engine marketing

On-site search engine marketing positioning consists of the moves completed at the internet site as such. The situation is the technical factor, the creation of content, and the selection of keywords.


Content is king, this statement is also legitimate within the area of search engine marketing positioning. The contents affect the recognition of the website and the vision that engines like google have of it. In other words, they satisfy robots and seduce capacity readers.

However, to make experience in search engine marketing, this content material has to be:

Regarding length, there are numerous schools of concept. It’s actual that often the longest pages are the satisfactorily located ones (articles with more than 7,000 phrases generate four instances greater visitors than others, in line with Semrush ), however, quantity is nothing without nice. The latter is a vital idea for anyone looking to recognize what SEO is, due to the fact search engines are increasingly touchy with it.


Keywords also are related to search engine marketing positioning and may be integrated into the definition of search engine marketing: they designate the terms typed via Internet customers on search engines.

In the beyond, the load of key phrases in SEO optimization was crucial. Often it was sufficient to “inflate” the contents of key expressions to benefit positions, however the answer to the query “what’s search engine marketing? Has developed dramatically over the years: engines like google are now much less interested in targeted phrases, but as an alternative in the international means of a page. This means focusing on the semantic field and less on key phrases by myself.


Tags are the fields that define the shape of the web page and permit seek engine robots to apprehend the structure of the content material and the topic it offers with. By manner of instance:

tags, committed to titles, are the backbone of the content;
the identification tag is the title of the web page because it seems inside the SERP;
the Alt attribute for photos lets engines like google “examine” portraits;
the meta description has no impact on search engine marketing sports, but appears below the blue link within the SERP and helps the consumer apprehend what the content material is set. Pages with descriptions generate 5.8% greater clicks on common.


The technique brings collectively all the levers that facilitate the evaluation of pages and their indexing through seek engine robots, however additionally the navigation of customers, for instance, the tree structure of the website, redirects, the shape of hyperlinks, inner links, absence of errors (404, 301, 302, etc.), metadata, sitemap, and robots.Txt files and much more.

These parameters aren’t insignificant: they represent the heart of the language spoken by using SERPs and are, therefore, crucial to expertise in what search engine marketing is.

OFF-SITE SEO marketing

Off-site or off-page search engine marketing positioning refers to levers external to the website itself: notoriety, online reputation, and external hyperlinks.

The latter, notably, are essential. If you are thinking about what SEO is, you have additionally encountered the terms “back-link”, “net linking” or even “link constructing”. Words that designate the identical procedure: the advent of a solid community of links that result in a specific page, with the purpose of creating them advantage notoriety.

In truth, a very good optimization of the web page is not enough to get high-quality positions inside the SERP. When viewing the quest outcomes, the engines want sites that revel in sure notoriety, for this purpose, they assign a score to each page, i.E. A rating factor (the Google PageRank), which measures its recognition based totally on satisfaction. Of the links it receives and the authority of the websites that post them.

Despite the evolution of search engine algorithms, net linking remains an essential criterion in search engine optimization. To get the best oneway links, you could “encourage” 1/3 of birthday celebration websites to hyperlink for your pages or produce great content material, in order that webmasters and customers want to share them spontaneously.


Finally, it’s miles impossible to reply to the question of what search engine marketing is without bringing up the person’s enjoyment, the important criterion these days.

page display velocity;                                                                                          excellent intuitiveness of the interface;
ease of getting right of entry to statistics;
consistency of browsing on all media (computing device, smartphone, or tablet).
Search engines pay precise interest to the consumer experience: they’re interested in the jump rate (the wide variety of Internet customers who depart a few seconds after arriving on a page, proves that it does not meet their expectancies) and the time spent by users at the pages or at the whole web page.


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