How Seismic support helps smoothen sales enablement process?

Sales representatives (reps) often find themselves in critical situations with customers and prospects. Sometimes, they cannot convert leads due to a lack of info/data. As a result, they present pitches blindly. When sales activities are …

Seismic support

Sales representatives (reps) often find themselves in critical situations with customers and prospects. Sometimes, they cannot convert leads due to a lack of info/data. As a result, they present pitches blindly. When sales activities are data-backed, they generate good revenue. The sales manager or business development expert is responsible for providing sales reps with the right resources. Among all the solutions used in the sales industry, Seismic is a popular one. Companies often look for people who can help them set up their profile on Seismic. Read on to know how support services can smoothen the sales enablement process.

What exactly is Seismic?

It is a popular sales enablement tool used by managers and senior professionals to help sales reps. With the help of Seismic, managers can enable the sales teams to win clients and close deals. As discussed above, sales reps struggle when there are no resources or data on prospective customers. A sales enablement solution provides sales reps with access to tools and resources. With the help of qualified resources and tools, sales reps can win clients and generate more revenue.

Sales reps can make informed decisions when they access the right resources. A sales enablement tool allows SDRs to optimise the sales process. Without sales enablement, you are not providing your sales team all the resources they need. Traditional tools for sales enablement cannot handle the increasing complexity of sales data. For the same reason, companies have started investing in AI-led enablement solutions. Seismic is also an AI-based solution that provides the required resources and data-backed insights.

Challenges with sales enablement in 2022

Why do companies need external support for sales enablement? Unfortunately, several hindrances prevent managers from providing the sales reps with everything they need. Before knowing the pros of Seismic support services, let us understand the challenges associated with sales enablement. Sales managers are looking for external support to overcome these challenges. Some common challenges with sales enablement in 2022 are as follows:

  • Before sending sales reps to stores and markets, companies have to train them. The sales industry is moving quickly, but the training for sales reps has not advanced. As a result, companies have underprepared representatives and most of these reps are ignorant of the current market landscape. They might not know the trending sales practices and strategies to win clients.
  • Companies have databases that store client/customer information. When sales reps follow leads, they use the information stored in these databases. Sales data can help them learn more about the client before approaching them. However, the lack of visibility is a growing concern for the sales industry, and as a result, sales reps are not able to pursue important leads.
  • Without a proper sales enablement tool, managers might not know what would help the reps to close deals. For the same reason, they are not able to figure out the right kind of training required. So, again, the manager and sales reps are shooting their pitches in the dark.

All these challenges may not disappear by adopting a sales enablement solution. An enablement solution such as Seismic will require immense understanding and skill. Companies might not have employees with the necessary skill set. So they look for external support services for sales enablement.

Understanding the pros of Seismic support services

One can get Seismic support services from a third party to reduce the overhead burden. Pros of Seismic support services are as follows:

  • With external support, you can keep the sales content updated at all times. A company can provide qualified leads, context and sales content to close deals in quick succession.
  • Support services can help set the user interface and profile on Seismic. Once the company profile is established, managers are ready to go.
  • For content management with Seismic, systematic efforts are required. Outdated sales data is of no use to the SDRs. Therefore, companies look for external support to optimise their sales content.
  • Seismic support can help you set up real-time insights on sales data.

A company does not have to hire more employees for content management with Seismic. Instead, it can outsource sales enablement with Seismic to a reliable third party. Choose the right sales enablement solution to empower your sales reps!

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