How eSignature drive HR Workflows and Employee Experience

E-Signature – Despite how it often feels, human resources is not only about filling out forms. Human resources professionals are at their most effective when they are able to focus on strategic initiatives like talent …

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E-Signature – Despite how it often feels, human resources is not only about filling out forms. Human resources professionals are at their most effective when they are able to focus on strategic initiatives like talent acquisition, development, and retention. Sadly, they frequently find themselves bogged down in tedious manual activities and paper-pushing that prevent them from focusing on more strategic operations.

If human resources departments are going to do a good job, they need better ways to handle the mountains of paperwork they generate every year. By replacing paper-based signatures and inefficient manual processes with electronic signature and workflow automation in the business, Wesignature improves the productivity of human resources departments.

  • Applications and reference consent forms for recruitment
  • Employment offer letters, new employee paperwork, tax forms, I-9s, and termination letters are all examples of “onboarding” and “offboarding” responsibilities.
  • Enrollment and open enrollment, benefit-change, and retirement paperwork.
  • Documents pertaining to pay, such as W-4s and contracts,

Significance of HR:

In fact, according to a 2020 study by Aberdeen Strategy and Research, implementing even relatively straightforward practices like e-signatures for human resource departments may increase employee productivity by as much as 70%, while also reducing the time it takes to hire new employees by as much as 4x.

If your company uses WeSignature, your HR staff can spend less time filling out paperwork.

Streamline and Improve the New Hire Process

Orienting new hires is a crucial yet time-consuming task for the HR department. WeSignature simplifies the tedious process of managing paperwork and information for both HR staff and potential recruits.

Time-Saving Templates

With WeSignature, it’s simple to create templates for frequently used employee papers like offer letters, I-9 forms, and W-4 forms, complete with saved tags for easy retrieval and highlighted fields for quick, error-free completion.

Sign Anywhere, on Any Device

WeSignature helps keep the hiring process moving quickly by allowing candidates and employees to sign contracts from any location and on any device (computer, smartphone, or tablet).

Create Effective Document Packages

If you want to have your employees or candidates sign multiple documents in one go, you can send them a single email request with all the links to the documents in one document envelope. The signing experience is improved for the recipient, and HR is spared the extra work that comes from missing requests and forgotten paperwork.

Get Rid of Agreement-Related Obstacles

Signing off on new hire paperwork, perk packages, and other papers can be a time-consuming, frustrating procedure that delays HR operations and irritates everyone involved. WeSignature helps human resources departments save time and make a good impression on candidates and workers.

Bulk Transmit Eliminates Busywork

People in human resources frequently have to hand out copies of the same form to several employees. It’s a waste of time to send them to each person individually. With WeSignature, it only takes a few clicks to transmit an electronic version of a document to multiple candidates at once.

Ensure Proper Step Order

Many different kinds of paperwork require the signatures of multiple people, usually in a certain order. For example, with WeSignature, you may set up a sequence in which the new hire must first sign an offer letter before the hiring manager is prompted to do so.

Automate Tasks

Without the need for HR to send manual follow-ups, automated reminders help keep employees and applicants on schedule, hence reducing transaction times and saving significant time for HR professionals.

Obtain the Necessary Paperwork

With so many moving parts in HR processes, it’s easy for documents like vaccination records and job verification letters to be lost in the shuffle. By integrating ShareFile, you may prevent employees’ documentation from going missing by allowing them to attach supporting documents in the course of their signing procedure and saving them automatically to a specified folder.

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