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How do you make turns with the hoverboard?


As mentioned, it’s really very simple. To accelerate the dough, position your body a little forwards, while to decelerate you just need to lean backward slightly. To make curves, on the other hand, and turn it is necessary to lean to the right or left depending on the curve.

Most hoverboards have a speed control system that is activated thanks to the combined action of the acceleration sensor and gyroscope. This combination of sensors is part of the so-called ” dynamic inertial stabilization system “, which is a particular control and safety system that ensures stability. This system ensures that balance is maintained when the body is in an anterior or posterior position but not a alliterate. This means that, before making a turn, it is very important to reduce your speed and proceed with great caution, to avoid a probable overturning.

Other more common features and systems of the hoverboard

In most hoverboard models, the following are the most common systems. Before using such a device, you must always read the instruction booklet carefully, to better understand all the parts and what are the best behaviors to adopt. Falling off a hoverboard is very frequent but this always happens because the behavior adopted by the driver was not very careful and conscientious. In any case, it is very easy to use a hoverboard and it is also extremely fun.

Battery level indicators

As with electric scooters, it is important that the battery level is always clearly visible. Usually, in hoverboards t,his indicator is present directly on the platform and the LED lights are three, namely green for a full charge, yellow for half charge, and red for a charge of less than 20%. When the red light is on, even if the battery is not completely exhausted, it is not advisable to use the hoverboard due to the malfunction of the self-balancing system that occurs in this situation.

Remote control on and off system

The remote control can turn the device on or off and is very convenient in case it is forgotten on and you are in a distant place from where the device is sided. Usually, the remote control has a range of about 5 meters.

Movement indicator

As mentioned, it is a small LED light that turns green when it is possible to safely step onto the platform because it is already self-balanced just after switching on. Conversely, wait if the light is red.

Automatic shutdown system

The device first enters energy saving mode and then turns off if a certain time has elapsed within which it remains unused. It adjusts to everybody’s requirements: there are various models of Segway, pretty much costly. For this reason, it is appropriate for people who favor a practical decision. It is also great for city and road trips: pick the right model.

Maximum speed indicator

In most cases, the maximum speed of a hoverboard or segway is around 15km / h. If this speed is exceeded (also because the engine allows it) the device will emit an alarm sound, so that the driver realizes the need to decelerate. Furthermore, it is very important that you do not exceed the maximum speed because the self-balancing system of the platform works well only if within the speed limit. The cruising speed of the hoverboard and segway is also very relative to the weight of the person who is driving it. The device supports a minimum weight of 20 kg and a maximum of 100 kg. It is important to stay within these limits so as not to overload the motor. The weight of the person also greatly influences the autonomy of the batteries. This, in fact, does not have an absolute time for everyone.

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