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How Can You Grow Views On TikTok Videos Organically?


As you may know, TikTok is a video-sharing app where people can make and share short videos with their friends. One of the ways that new videos get attention is by “going viral” through messages on TikTok. Naturally, the more views a video has, the better chance it has of going viral—but how does one get those views?

Trying to grow your video’s views organically takes patience, persistence, and creativity and if you can’t do this, buy TikTok views from a genuine platform. There are many ways to make your video go viral—we’ll explore some of them here.

1. Post a lot of videos – 

How many videos did you post on TikTok this week? Has your viewership increased or decreased? You can’t rely on views that are there only because of platforms like TikTok, so you might want to consider posting a lot more videos. When you have many videos, some will inevitably get more views than others. The sheer number of videos you post—not their quality—is what will increase your views.

2. Keep it fresh –

Try posting new videos or changing up the style of your videos. You might want to do something different with your style each week or two. In today’s world of media, actual television shows and movies can often change from week to week, so no one is ever sure in advance what a video will be like. To keep your videos fresh, you might want to post a different video each day of the week or add a new filter every few days.

3. Take advantage of sponsors –

Maybe you’ve already been creating TikTok videos longer than most people reading this article, but if you want to grow your views organically, it’s important that you work with as many companies as possible that sponsor your videos and get them attention for their products. All you have to do is include their logo in your videos.

4. Promote your videos –

Try to get other people to promote your video and share it with their followers. If someone sees a friend or someone they know posting one of your videos, they might want to give it a look themselves, especially if the company’s logo is included. In addition, you can try to promote by getting people’s attention through Twitter or Facebook Ads on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. This will help you get more views on TikTok and bring in more clicks for your ads—which means more money for you!

5. Be interesting –

Good-quality videos that are interesting to watch tend to do well on TikTok. All you have to do is make a video that’s fun and makes people want to watch it. If you want people to stay around longer, try making your video go with something you already posted on TikTok, sharing pictures representing your viewers, or trying live-streaming.

6. Post more original content –

Finally, as far as views go on TikTok videos organically, it’s best if your videos have original content—at least 60% of the whole video has new material. Otherwise, your viewer will lose interest quickly. This means you need to take the time to make a video that’s totally new and totally different from any other videos you’ve already posted. To do this well, you should use several different camera angles, filters, and edits for different shots in the video.

7. Not everyone will like your videos –

Sometimes people won’t like your videos. If that’s the case, you have to keep posting them anyway, and eventually, they’ll start getting views—and when that happens, you need to try to get more views than before. “Everyone likes being liked,” goes the old saying. So even if it doesn’t work in this particular example, that old saying will also apply here.

8. Make a short video –

If your video is longer than 2 minutes, you’ll have a harder time growing views on TikTok. Remember that most TikTok users usually only stay for the first 2 minutes and leave after that, so make sure your “hook” at the end of your video is intriguing enough to keep them watching for more.

9. Enhance the videos yourself –

One of the ways you can get attention for your videos is to do some editing and make them look good by adding filters or effects or by including some music with lyrics to match. This will add an interesting touch to something that might not even have been interesting at all otherwise.

10. Don’t expect to get rich on TikTok –

If you want to grow your views organically, you can’t just put your videos up and wait for the money to start rolling in. Many people win the lottery that way, but no one ever gets rich in such a manner. To become rich takes hard work and effort—not just hard work, but also more than one type of hard work. It isn’t easy to make it big on TikTok by growing views organically, but it’s well worth doing if you’re willing to put in the effort necessary to make it happen.

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