Homemade burger patties, chicken as an option for children’s food.

I haven’t written anything for a long time in the Capricious column, need to make up for it, otherwise, you’ll think that I stopped feeding the child. 

Since the child flatly refuses normal food and is ready to eat only sandwiches, pizza, and cookies, I always have to come up with something so that this, to put it mildly, not very healthy food brings at least some benefit.

For meat, he eats only chicken breast, but he won’t eat boiled, I had to learn how to cook chicken strips, at least there is real chicken. Sometimes I make him homemade pizza because I think that it is also better than frozen.

But the biggest hit for my child was potatoes baked in foil in the oven like they do in the famous Kroshka Potato chain.

And now he liked McChicken at McDonald’s, it’s such a big burger with a chicken cutlet. Well, well, you have to “invent” burger patties to at least know what’s inside.

I tried to cook a couple of these cutlets from one chicken fillet for him, and the child liked it, so next time I decided to cook such cutlets for burgers in reserve so that when I need them, I can take them out of the freezer and into the pan.

So, we are preparing chicken burgers for burgers.

We will need:

  • Chicken fillet (breast) – about 500 grams
  • Fresh herbs (dill and parsley) – a small bunch
  • The mixture of peppers and salt


You can, of course, make minced meat, but I just wanted to chop the fillet finely. To do this, we will use a blender chopper.

My chicken fillet, dry with a paper towel, remove the excess film and cut it into small pieces.

Since the chopper bowl is small, I divided all the meat into two portions. We grind the chicken fillet for a short time, stopping the blender regularly so as not to overdo it, and turn the meat into porridge. That is, cut into very small pieces.

Combine with herbs, and add salt and pepper. If you are making for adults, you can put whatever spices you like and onions. In our case, the onion is unacceptable, and I will add seasonings to the breading.

So, the minced meat was thoroughly mixed, then we proceeded to the production of the burger patties themselves.


If you are making the patties ahead of time to freeze, prepare pieces of baking paper to separate the patties from each other.

Since the minced meat turns out to be sticky, it is poorly taken with hands, we put a bowl of vegetable oil next to it to moisten our fingers in it.

We tear off a small piece from the minced meat, roll up the ball, then knead it into a round cutlet, as far as it will turn out in our hands. After that, put the cutlet on baking paper and crush it further to the diameter of the bun.

I made thin cutlets, about half a centimeter so that it would be easier to bite later in a bun. Don’t forget that our patties are made up almost exclusively of meat, there is no bread or other additives, so they won’t fall apart, they will stay firm.

You can use store-bought breadcrumbs. You can press previously dried bread in a mortar.

Pour breadcrumbs on a plate, and add seasonings, I took chicken seasoning in a mill, and dip the finished thin cutlet on both sides. Put on a piece of baking paper and cover with another. This is if you freeze some of the cutlets.

Then we fold the pyramid of burger patties into a plastic container and send it to the freezer.

And those cutlets that you will use now, fry in a small amount of vegetable oil in a pan and over low heat, until golden brown. Can be pressed down with a spatula.

Our burger patties are ready! They are fresh, fragrant, and ruddy, I also ate a cutlet with pleasure, not in a burger, of course, but simply with cucumber and lettuce. I liked it very much!


Yes, basically whatever you want. But my child is strict. First, there must be a hamburger bun. While I buy them, there is an idea to bake myself. This will be the next step.

Cut the bun in half and dry both halves in the toaster. You can also grill it, of course.

Next, put a cutlet, cheese, pickled or fresh cucumber, a little ketchup, and lettuce. Cover with the top of the bun.

That’s it, our homemade chicken burger is ready! And we made our burger patties! Moreover, they also stocked up in the freezer!

I apologize for the quality of this photo, you can see that it differs from the previous ones in light and, accordingly, in quality. The fact is that when I fried a fresh cutlet and assembled a burger, my child took a bite of it so quickly that I didn’t even have time to take it off.

Today I fried a cutlet from the freezer for him and didn’t have much opportunity to shoot, I shouted, it will cool down. So, we have already tested frozen burger cutlets. Very comfortably!

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