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For Today’s Micro-Factories the Eaton DM1 is Essential

Eaton DM1

Size matters in today’s production plants, and not the way the traditional joke would imply. Instead, everything is about maximizing footprints and keeping equipment as well as the space it needs as dense and as tight as possible but still maximizing output. That means the days of big, large bulky units are long gone. Instead, in efforts to reduce space, pack in more capacity, and keep rent or facility costs down, small is good.

The Eaton DM1 is absolutely tailored to the compact nature of today’s modern factories and production labs. With a combination of a small footprint but a powerful capability menu, the Eaton DM1 tends to maintain its position as an industry leader in practical application, as well as safety, efficiency and reliability of performance. Aside from the incredible value of a compact design, which takes up less space but does more than most competitors on the market, the Eaton DM1 also provides advantageous compatibility features with easy startup control, PC connections, Bluetooth capability, on-board software included, remote capability, and optional keyboard or touch screen control. One would think something was being given up with all these amenities included, but the Eaton DM1 still flies past all certification requirements including UL, TUV, RoHS, and more.

The Eaton DM1 is more than capable of handling large industrial systems, regardless of its compact size. Due to the fact that Eaton builds these drives with expected overload challenges in their application, the Eaton DM1 operates with a fully coated board set, an integrated braking system circuit, incredible heat tolerance up to 50 Celsius ambient exposure (60°C de-rating), and variation swing protection in powerflow.

As an adjustable VFD, the Eaton DM1 provides lots of features that appeal to sustainability as well as ease of implementation and management. Key compatibility options include plenty of connectivity for Internet of Things management, remote communication and control, plenty of ongoing firmware upgrades as developed, and webserver integration for network management reach. The Eaton DM1 comes with default setup wizard programs for generic installation as well as the ability to be configured for custom needs as well with advanced system integration. No surprise, Eaton DM1s get a lot of applications in multi-use between HVAC, pumps and motor controls as a result.

Seagate Control specialists are completely versed in the Eaton DM1 as well as the rest of the Eaton product line, which is a huge advantage for Seagate customers. Most times, people buy VFDs, and then they are pointed to online sites or videos for instruction and ongoing support. That’s not the case with Seagate Controls. We’re well aware that many customers have customized needs for how they apply VFDs and logic controllers in their systems. As a result, our specialists regularly work with all types of challenges to help design the best fit for the Eaton DM1 as well as other equipment sold by us. We’re not here to just make an immediate sale and move volume; Seagate Controls is dedicated to delivering high quality system management tools and controls like the Eaton DM1, and managing them to the best efficiency possible. Call us to find out more. You’ll be surprised by what’s possible with the Eaton DM1 when it’s installed with your best configuration possible.

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