Eight Ways to Get a Sparkling and Clean Bathroom

It feels good when you step into a clean and sanitised bathroom. Besides, a clean bathroom will protect you and your family from several infections and illnesses. Dirty toilets, taps, sinks, floors and other bathroom …

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It feels good when you step into a clean and sanitised bathroom. Besides, a clean bathroom will protect you and your family from several infections and illnesses. Dirty toilets, taps, sinks, floors and other bathroom fittings are a hub for germs and harmful bacteria. If they are allowed to thrive, they can cause numerous diseases, some of which can even become life-threatening.

We put a lot of effort into cleaning our bathrooms, yet many things get overlooked. Though the washroom looks clean, we fail to eliminate germs entirely. So read these tips on how to keep your bathroom spic and span.


You can start the cleaning process with the sink. The sink is used for various purposes like brushing teeth, washing hands and face, shaving, etc. Since it is one of the most used places in a bathroom, it is also susceptible to germs. Additionally, cleaning basins is relatively easy compared to the toilet and other parts of the bathroom. You can use an antibacterial spray or wipe the area surrounding the sink and the cabinets around it. This step also applies to countertops and the faucet.

The toilet

With a good quality brush, thoroughly scrub the bowl. You can use a toilet cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Here, it is important to invest in a good cleaner as this will determine the cleanliness and sanitisation. You can use Harpic cleaner to take care of the cleaning and sanitisation problems. More importantly, the price for Harpic 5 Ltr. is highly cost-effective, when it comes to high-quality products.


You need to make it a habit to clean the glass regularly. If you are negligent, dust and limescale will accumulate, requiring extra effort to clean the glass. Use Colin Glass Cleaner Spray to make your bathroom’s glass sparkle. It is a very powerful cleaner and easily removes dirt and dust. Spray some liquid on the glass and gently wipe the glass with a clean cloth. Colin Glass Cleaner Spray is safe to use and has the best protection against germs and dust.


Mould usually thrives in damp and humid areas. Much water is used in bathrooms for various purposes, making it the perfect place for mould to grow. Mould can pose health risks to homeowners. Some steps to eliminate mould include turning on the fan, opening windows after a shower, drying the bath sponge, washing towels frequently, and wiping wet floors after you have taken a bath. You should also invest in a humidifier to prevent the growth of mould.

Bathroom Vent

A fan is a must-have accessory as it effectively removes humidity and moisture from the bathroom. However, it also attracts dust and other pollutants. These accumulate on the fan’s blades and can become a breeding ground for germs.

Remove the vent cover. Fill warm water in a bucket or tub and add dish soap to it. Soak the vent cover in warm water. After 15 or 20 minutes, remove the cover and scrub it with a brush. Once done, let the cover dry naturally. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the fan. Remove any traces of dust with a damp cloth. Use a brush to remove dust from the motor and other parts of the vent.

Walls and ceilings

Stains on wall tiles can ruin the look of your bathroom. Also, keep an eye out for cobwebs; if you find any, remove them with a dusting mop. For wall tiles, dilute a few drops of Dettol Multipurpose Liquid in water, and use a mop or sponge to thoroughly scrub the walls. You can also pour the solution into a spray bottle and apply it to the tiles.

De-clutter bathroom

De-clutter your bathroom to provide it with a pleasant look. To organise your accessories and products, invest in good quality storage products. You can also buy cabinets and get them installed at convenient spots. Arrange your toiletries and other things in the cabinets. The less clutter you have the more spacious your bathroom will look.

Final words

Keeping your bathroom neat and clean will not be a problem if you do it the right way. Use good quality disinfectant wipes and other products manufactured by reputed companies. You can also check out the Harpic 5 ltr price. So to keep illnesses at bay and to add sparkle to your bathroom, start giving the bathroom the attention that it needs when it comes to cleaning.


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