Different Types of Packaging to Consider

Do you remember the first time you bought a laptop or an electronic gadget for yourself? Do you remember how excited you were during the process of unboxing? The fascination of having your favourite gadget …

Packaging Supplies

Do you remember the first time you bought a laptop or an electronic gadget for yourself? Do you remember how excited you were during the process of unboxing? The fascination of having your favourite gadget was somewhat similar to the fascination of having it packed in an amazing packaging box. You were equally mesmerised towards the box, as you were towards the gadget when you first saw it. This is what strong and aesthetic packaging boxes do to us. Therefore, these days eCommerce business owners pay equal importance to the quality of packaging boxes as to the quality of materials. The packaging boxes we use today are not only strong and rigid, but are also aesthetic and attractive. These packaging supplies help us in multiple purposes.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the packaging products that we can consider for various purposes and uses. You can get these boxes either from your nearby shops or online as well. Packaging Express is one of the online packaging suppliers in the UK, where you will get different types of packaging materials such as, cardboard removal boxes, plastic carrier bags, postal bags and so on.

Let Us Now Look at Some of The Packaging Products That We Can Consider for Different Purposes.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

The first packaging box that comes to our mind is of course a corrugated cardboard box. This box acts a saviour for the eCommerce business owners when they ship their products packed in it. This storage box is not only used for shipping products safely, but you use this box to store multiple items in it. This box is of different types, such as single wall cardboard box, double wall cardboard box, triple wall cardboard box and so on, each varying in durability and strength. The box is also available in different shapes and sizes. It means, this box is customisable in nature. This box is made up of recycled materials, such as recycled paper. High precision machinery, such as corrugators are used for manufacturing these boxes. It is used for packing different types of items, including food items, such as snacks and cooked food items that are delivered to your home through home delivery.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are mostly used for packing luxurious and delicate items, such as phones, earphones, jewellery, watches and so on. These boxes have a premium appearance and are highly durable. It is because rigid boxes are made up of paperboard that are highly condensed. The paperboard is 4 times thicker than the normal paperboard that is used for making standard folding cartons. The boxes of iPhone, MacBook’s, iPad and so on are rigid boxes. These boxes are stylish and expensive. These boxes are non-collapsible and are mostly hand-made. You can paint these rigid boxes in different colours, print your logo and other things according to your needs and demands of the customers.

Paperboard Boxes

Another cardboard box that is famously used by many people is a paperboard box. It is strong and lightweight in nature. As the name suggests, paper-based materials are used for making these boxes. This cardboard box is highly customisable. Therefore, it is mostly used for personalised packaging. Different organic and recycled materials are used for manufacturing these boxes. You can pack different types of items in these boxes, such as, frozen food, juice, milk, medicines, cosmetics and so on. This box is eco-friendly in nature and protects the items from different external forces such as dust, dirt and moisture. Therefore, it is used for packing food items. You can design it in different ways and it will not cost you much.

Poly Bags

These bags are also known as plastic carrier bags and pouches. A plastic thin fabric which is thin and flexible is used for manufacturing these bags. It is one of the most common and famous packaging materials used for carrying different types of items, including flowers, magazines and waste materials. These bags are lightweight in nature. Also, they are durable in nature. Poly bags are flexible and you can reuse them for various purposes. Poly bags are customisable in nature, they are given different shapes, sizes and designs. Also, these bags are cost effective. They are appealing to your customers in so many ways. You can use these bags for your customers and for the safety of your products.

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