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Custom Promotional Boxes |Give Your Business Unique Identity

Promotional Boxes
Promotional Boxes

You must imprint your brand logo over custom promotional boxes. Moreover, your packaging should clearly tell about your brand and products. It is good to go with minimal and trendy designs for your boxes.

These days, we all like creativity and something new. Either we are buying a cell phone, watch, clothes, or any other thing. We always like to buy products that are in trend. Nobody wants to follow old trends. That’s why all the big brands always try different ways to offer new experiences to their customers.

Big Brands with a Big Amount of Money in the Competition

They can invest in social media marketing. They can run ads. Similarly, they can advertise their product on banners. In order to give their business a unique identity, they have options without any boundaries. Because they are earning millions every month and are in the industry for so long. In this regard, if you are going to start your new business then the following question might be popping up in your mind.

Can My New Business Make Its Place In This Competitive Market?

It is a very good question that came to my mind too when I started my packaging business. According to my experience, no doubt market is full of giant competitors, but if you know how to play and if you are smart, it is not difficult for you to give your brand a unique identity.

What You Need To Do Is To Present Your Products Distinctively.

It is only possible if you are packing your products in Custom Promotional Boxes.

What is a Promotional Box?

Here I first want to give you an idea about Promotional Packaging Boxes. If you don’t have enough money to run ads or prompt your product on social media, then the most powerful weapon that will help you in winning the trust of customers to buy your product will be these promotional boxes.

It is a rigid box made up of premium quality corrugated material. It is not just durable in quality but the finest way to appeal target buyers in the market. These boxes are like the face of your newly launched business. That’s why if you don’t have enough resources and want to compete with the other big brands then these custom boxes are the only match for your needs.

Add Energy to Your Brand Products

Product Selling is an art. Here are some things that are responsible for adding energy and attraction to your brand product. Your packaging is the most important among all of those.

You can understand its importance as if it is a big brand and if it is presenting its new product in any boringly designed box then no one will be interested in buying it. That’s why you must work on the customization of your packaging boxes.

In this article, we have come up with the following recommendations for you to help in making your boxes appealing on market racks.

Make Your Logo a Main Focus of Customers

A product with no logo is like a person with no name and identity. If you are making a new brand you must imprint your brand logo over your packaging board. You must tell them that no doubt you are new here in this market, but you have come to stay by winning Customers’ trust.

Here are so many ways to imprint your brand logo. You can go with either Digital or offset printing to imprint your logo over these custom-printed promotional boxes.

  • Digital Printing is good if you need to place a small order of your packaging boxes. It will save your setup cost. You’ll not need big rooms or machines for it. It will need just a laser or inkjet printer and this type of printing is time-saving too.
  • Offset Printing is good if you need to place a wholesale order for your packaging boxes. In this option, you’ll pay for setup cost once and then you can imprint either million boxes. The more you’ll make boxes the lower you’ll have the cost per box printing.

Go With New Customizations

Customization is the main thing that can make and destroy your business identity. Here are so many examples on social media that people like to share their unboxing experience on social media if they get their product in an attractive packaging box.

What Type of Designs Should You Go With?

For custom packaging promotional boxes we suggest you go with minimal packaging designs. This kind of design keeps your packaging simple and gives them a classic look. Moreover, you’ll get enough space to imprint details about your product and tell people about your brand through your boxes.

Which Colors Should You Select?

These days most promotional boxes come in black or dark blue color. These two colors are best for men’s products.

If you are going to pack products for girls you can go with light pink or sky blue color. Because light colors are good for women.

What Type of Coating Should You Apply

After nicely designing the template and printing it in good quality over your box the only thing that can give a perfect finishing to your boxes is custom coating. Here are two types of coatings people mostly like to go with;

  • Gloss: This is a type of coating when apply over the surface of your box gives it a shiny finish. This type of coating is usually not good for promotional boxes.
  • Matte: This type of coating is the best of these boxes. It is not shiny but still gives a decent look to your boxes. This coating is best for high-value product packaging boxes.

Which Safety Gadget Should You Use Inside Box?

The last and the most important thing is product safety. Here we can’t compromise by any chance. Because if you will fail in keeping the product safe throughout its delivery to the door of the customer you’ll end up with a big loss.

Here you can use custom inserts custom-made according to the shape and size of your product. These inserts are best for keeping your items in a place inside the boxes. Moreover, it’ll not put any burden on your pocket.

If you want to buy custom promotional boxes with all the specs we discussed above, you can visit the Fast Custom Boxes home page today. Here you’ll get everything you need to personalize your custom printed boxes under one roof. It will not just save you time, but you’ll be able to make these boxes in your budget without losing quality. Looking forward to working with you 🙂

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