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Create an AR-powered Interactive Product Experience for your E-commerce Business

AR-powered Interactive Product

E-commerce is the most common way of shopping these days. You can find many items sold online, ranging from everyday essentials to custom-made home furnishing; anything and everything is made possible to get your hands on by e-commerce. 

But the sphere of operation for e-commerce has become highly competitive since there are too many players and too many options for customers. Using a niche and creative technique is important to gain marketing and competitive advantage against the competition today. 

Technologies such as interactive AR, augmented reality, virtual reality etc., are new technologies in the market and are being explored by many companies to present their customers with a delightful shopping experience. 

When a website or a brand’s products listed on a shopping platform has a very attractive presentation mode and provide a unique and exciting shopping experience to clients, the brand automatically gains a marketing advantage over the others in the sphere. 

Role of Technology in E-commerce

Technology and e-commerce go hand in hand. Technology helps e-commerce go above and beyond to reach a specific set of customers by adding exciting new features, analyzing demographics, providing attractive listing options, etc. 

This helps customers who are spread across a wide demographic area to come across a specific brand and also provides the right push that makes the customers experiment with the brand. Technology helps in marketing, customer experience on the UI, design and interactive UI creation, customer support, production, logistics and shipping, etc. 

In all spheres, from creating the product listing to delivering the product to the customer, technological solutions provide a niche and competitive advantage and help make the experience smooth and seamless for the customer and the brand. 

AR-Powered Solutions for E-commerce

There are many creative methods to provide customers with an interactive and smooth experience. One of the most exciting options is Interactive AR. This technology is being used widely by many large retailers and is slowly seeping down to smaller retailers as well. 

The technology helps provide customers with a completely transforming and interactive experience while shopping for specific items such as electronic goods, electrical devices, automobiles, furniture and fittings and even clothes and accessories. 

Augmented reality, or AR, is completely changing the way customers can view, experience and shop for goods that they do not personally go and purchase. Today, the spending power is higher than it used to be a couple of years ago. People are open to experimenting when it comes to brands and shopping platforms. 

Customers always look for something unique and exciting with a trustworthy and seamless shopping experience that beats a not-so-great product. Today, it’s all about the experience for the customer rather than the product itself. Research suggests that customers may even settle for an average product if they have a great shopping experience and good customer support. 

Using interactive AR, brands can build a very product-centric website by providing features such as

  • 360-degree view of product
  • Use a camera to place product virtually in customers’ environment
  • Virtual try-on for garments and accessories
  • Color and dimension scaling in real-time
  • Provide interactive product selection by creating a virtual setting
  • Built-in product suggestion and customer support

These features not only help in increasing the overall sales but also help in meeting customer expectations and provide a fantastic experience. 

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