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Cover Up Tattoos And Why Should You Have One?


We(referring to those who own a tattoo) often come across a time in life when we get bored of the tatt we have on a certain part of our body. And we look forward to either erasing it or trying to cover it up. Moreover, the ongoing trend transitions in the tattoo industry also make us improvise our tatt from time to time. Many other reasons change our minds about the body ink we own, such as the previous tattoo artist failed to capture your vision, the last tattoo just faded away, or maybe you’re just ready for a new piece of art. 

No matter the reason, you know it’s time to get something new. 

But this decision leads to a whole host of questions. It certainly makes you hit a search button on Google and find out how to find the best cover up tattoo artist near me. How much will it cost? Do all tattooists do masking’s? 

Surfing a bit before the procedures gives your insight into cover up tattoos and ideas. 

Well, a cover up tattoo is a new design inked over the top of an existing ink. The purpose of concealing a tatt is either to make the existing tattoo invisible or to improvise it to look attractive. In short, it’s a tattoo over a tattoo. 

Cover up Tattoo Ideas

Well, you must be here to get ideas for masking your old ink mainly because:

  • your original pattern was poorly crafted
  • your tatt is a reminder of a tough time you had been through and want to overcome it
  • Your ink color faded away
  • You find no longer meaning to keep it, or your perception changed 
  • You are looking forward to improvising it or getting a trendy tattoo design

The reasons for wanting a tattoo over a tattoo could vary from person to person. Also, its effectiveness will depend on the original tattoo you have and the new design you want. Old and faded dull blue and green tattoos are much easier to conceal than a brand new all-black tattoo. Besides this, your body art has to be at least a year old. Else it will be difficult to remove. Talking about their procedure, it depends on the two situations. You would have to undergo multiple laser sessions if you got a dark tattoo. Otherwise, a singlet sitting will do the job.

It’s essential to understand your options before deciding on the best method for getting rid of your unwanted tattoo. And the likelihood of a disguised tattoo working for your particular piece.

Cover up tattoo ideas for men

Tattoos are no longer only for women. In recent years, men have been getting tattoos in a big way. However, finding the right tattoo design for your body and personality is not always easy.

Some of the most common tattoo ideas for men include:

  • A tribal design or a tribal pattern
  • A cross or a religious symbol
  • An abstract design or an abstract pattern
  • A geometric design

Cover up tattoo ideas for women

Tattoos are one of the most popular ways to express your individuality and show your personal style. With that being said, it is hard to find a design that will suit every body type and personality.

Luckily, a SwornOathTattoo website can help you with the cover up tattoo ideas female arm or any other type of body.

Best cover up tattoo artist colorado caters to over 2000 different designs that include pictures, videos, and more to give you a better idea of what you could get.

Name cover up tattoos

Many people have gotten tattoos in the hopes of looking more attractive. However, they often end up regretting the decision later on. They might get them removed, or they might get another ink over it.

This is because tattoos are permanent and can’t be removed by any means other than surgery. This makes it difficult for someone trying to conceal their tattoo without being noticed.

Tattoos are a great way to show your love for someone or something. But what happens when you change your mind about that person or thing?

If you have an ink with the name of someone who has passed away, you may want to shield it up with a new tattoo. This is where the SwornOath tattoo specialist in colorado comes to play.

potrait tattoos charcoal

Small cover up tattoos

Small tattoos are a big trend now. Many people have started to get small tattoos that conceal their blemishes or scars. However, the trend is not just limited to the face but also obscures other body parts like hands and feet.

Masquerade tattoos are one of the most popular designs that people get. They are also a good way to hide up any other body art that you may not want to show. Some people may be hesitant to get a cover up tattoo at the start, but they should know that it is not as tricky as they might think. 

The first step is finding the right size and shape for your tattoo. The second step is finding the right colors for your design. After this, all you need to do is find a good artist who can draw it for you at a reasonable price and then wait for them to finish drawing it so you can get started with your new ink!

To find an artist who can draw the design for you, search on Instagram, look online with Google Images, or search for the best cover up tattoo artist near me. However, I can help you with the one I have experience with—SwornOathTattoo. They are a team of well-experienced tattoo enthusiasts. I highly recommend you get inked from them.

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